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Suboxone Precipitated Withdrawal

Well I have thought it over and have finally decided to take the plunge into suboxone.  10 years of oxy use and abuse and a 160mg/day habit is enough.  For me there is no other way, all options have failed me thus far so I really feel its time.  I am a bit worried about using the subs too soon after my last use though, which was around midnight last nite.  By the time i see my doctor tomorrow it will be 36 hrs since my last use.  My question is,  is that an adequate enough time so i dont precipitate a full blown withdrawal by taking the subs too soon. Thanks in advance.
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Also forgot to mention, I also heard that the use of immodium can send me into suboxone withdrawals because there is something in immodium that acts as an opiod, any truth to this? I get the bathroom effects early on so I plan to use immodium.
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36 hours SHOULD be more then enough time...  It's obviously best to wait as long as possible.  Your sub doctor will let you know for sure but 36 hours should be plenty.  As far as the Immodium it does contain an opiate but doesn't cross into the brain.  

Hope this helps some..

Good luck and stick around.
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usually it s said there has to be gap of atleast 12 hrs between the last fix and the first dose of sub. i too took sub and i took it after 24 hrs of last fix. i went through a little w/ds not very bad though(my doc was heroin). i guess 36 hrs is good enough time. i don t know much about immodium as i never used it.
take care man
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You should be good at 36 hrs and your Doctor will probably check you out before giving you the subs. Imodium (Loperamide) is a very weak opioid. Loperamide is an opioid-receptor agonist and acts on the μ-opioid receptors in the myenteric plexus of the large intestine; by itself it does not affect the central nervous system like other opioids, unless extremely high doses are taken (in which case it can produce psychoactive effects on its own. Hence it shouldn't cause a problem but if you are still feeling nervous about it just ask your Doctor.
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Hello, you should be fine, they told me 24 hours before my first sub and I couldn't do it, I took my percocets 14 hours before and I was fine. Everyone Is different but 36 hours should be plenty! Good luck to you snd glad you decided to take your first step to recovery. Take care
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36 hours should be plenty of time. How long are you planning on being on the Subs?? I only ask as ive had some experience with them. In my opinion its best to just use them short term. If used correctly most people can get off other opiates without realy getting hooked on the Subs. Talk to your doctor about the 21 day taper. Otherwise you will just be swapping one addiction for another!!! And Subs are not easy to come off once your on them long term... Blue
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I spoke to my doctor and he suggested a long taper of over a year and maybe two.  I've been totally honest with him and he feels I need to get my **** together before I can move on.  I am a habitual relapser, I have relapsed approx 7-8 times with the longest clean time being 29 days or so (srry I cant even remember) and  the last few CT's only lasting 5 days at the most.  It is for this reason and a recent new job (cant take time off), that he suggested a maintenance program.

Any thoughts or advice would be welcome, I'm just sitting here approx 24 hrs since my last dose an feeling pretty crappy.  I'd be happy to hear your stories.

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I am also in the same spot as you. I have used opiates for 8 years with heroin being the last 2 years and.for me.nothing else worked. While sub is addictive you need to think about your life as it is now. Sub will give u the opportunity to get your life back. I suggest staying on it longer than 21 days or ur doomed for failure. Contrary to many people's belief sub is NOT meant for a short taper. If you can do a short taper on sub succeafully in my opinion you shouldn't have even been on it. Even if your on sub for a year as long as u do a slow taper u will have a mild wd. Sub has now given me my life back and I have no cravings to use heroin. For me I will trade that anyway..I'm not driving into the ghetto peddling dope from Mexicans. I am no longer as risk for IV related disease. And of course most importantly I'm not spending $300 a day doing something illegal! If ur at the end if your rope and all else has failed sub is for u. As far as 36 hours..plenty of time ull feel much better after I promise u that. I say minimum of 24 but 36 if perfect. For heroin users u can do less tho. Anyways I wish u the best and please listen to your doctor if he says he wants u on a few months don't argue or u won't get sheet. Good luck!
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relapse can happen from not working a recovery program. have you been to any counseling and/or support groups? tried attending church?
maintain an exercise program? stay away from the people,places and things that are associated with using? recovery is a marathon not a sprint. it takes work to stay clean.
put suboxone in the search medhelp on the top right of the page. it can become a new very hard drug to withdraw from.
i would not let them put you on a very high dose. many times they put people on 16 or 32 mgs and then it is a very long slow taper to get off and then it does become a maintenance program.
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I have my aftercare in place this time.  I am working with an addiction therapist and a regular therapist.  I hope to be in some type of meeting by next week.

If anyone else would like to share anything please do so because I'm just sitting here at home going banana nuts out of my mind in WD's.  This is horrid!
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You'll get through tonight just remember it's one night maybe u won't sleep but think of how long uve used. U can and will get thru tonite and tomorrow things will get better. Keep busy and stay outta your head! The more u think about it the worse it will be. Keep pushing were here.for ya.
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Imodium is an opiate based drug.  It helps through withdrawals... Please only say if you know or someone would miss out on the benefits.  Think hard about suboxone.  Due to its half life the withdrawals are twice as long.  It is nice if you won't get yourself clean, you will want off the suboxone some day, back to facing your same fear withdrawals.  If you truly will die due to your drug intake it is a must and a savior because it stops other opiates from  getting you high, and it does not.  Gives you a chance to think you are clean.  It does clear your head and make life better because you can't get high from narcotics.  Would be wasting your monies.  But, if you at all can possibly clean yourself up and not use that crutch, double edged blade, don't for God's sakes.  Read all the things about it you can find first.
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Trust me when I tell you this, I have done alot of research on the pros and cons of subs.  This has not been a split second choice, I have actually been thinking about this for many weeks and preparing for the road I'm about to embark on.  I'm not saying anything bad about your post, in fact I appretiate the support but, for many horror stories about subs there is also many people out there who swear by it.

god bless
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I dont know where a2l is from? In the UK Subs were only available as a 21 day detox! when they first started to use them for addicts that IS how they were used. Like i said, in my INFORMED OPINION, that is the best way to use them. There are lots of differing opinions, for and against. I was also a serial relapser! I always refused to go on Methadone because of how hard it is to get off. If i would of known up front what coming off Subs entailed, i would of avoided them also. They are good for getting you stable, but so is Methadone!! I would not recommend that either. I only recommended the 21 day taper as it is the best way if you want to suffer minimal withdrawal? If i had a pound for every time i have read on this site that people have had bad advice from a Sub doctor, i would be a lot richer. I stick by my original post and believe that maintenence on Subs is a bad choice. If your main worry is one of relapse, i would say you are better off on naltraxone for relapse prevention, alongside any therapy you have in place. Naltraxone stops all opiates working and can be good as a bolster, it has no Narcotic effects. Best of luck Blue
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I did a Suboxone taper over a year down to 0.5mg. stayed there two months and then with the help of Clonidine and valium I made the jump.  I experience mild to moderate WD.  The key for me was the long taper.  It helps you adjust your lifestyle to a drug free no seeking routine.  Gradual is good!
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