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Suboxone Treatment and price

Hi All,

It's been a while since I've been here and today I'm really struggling. I'm addicted to Oxycodone (Roxy's), not as bad as some people but bad enough that I get very sick when I don't have any. I've been checking around some of the Doctors here in my area and they all want anywhere from $800 to $1500 just to see them not including the Suboxone. Okay so like most of us that barely have any money have to struggle with the addiction. and want nothing more to get off of them. Unfortunately I have a job and can't do the detox thing. I can barely do my work when I'm in full withdrawals understand that Suboxone helps immensely with the withdrawals and wanted some input from anyone that's either taken Suboxone or have taken it. The other thing is if anyone knows of any Dr. in the Florida area that that will take a payment plan of like $100 a month rather that having to fork over $500 for an initial consultation.

Please Help if anyone can.

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I don't think we can give out that kind of information but just know that you will have to WD from Sub too.  There is no easy way out.  Do you have insurance?  A doctor?  If so, your doctor could write you a note so you can take 3-7 days off to wd.  Or ocan your doctor put you on medical leave so you can wd at home or go to a rehab program?  I know this is scary and frusterating but just trying to help you think of different options.  Keep us posted.  I am sure others will give helpful info too.
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Thanks for the advice. I understand there are WD fro Subs as well but which is the lesser of two evils? The drugs have already taken a part of my life but taking the time out to go to a 30 day rehab center is not an option. I'm barely making it right now. I have a place to live, and a job but taking that kind of time off would literally put me in the street. Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I've talk to some of the doctors in the area about Suboxone and they seem to think it's the best choice for me but none of them would even consider helping me without a $500 bill in my pocket. I've tried to tough it out but the worst of the symptoms is an overwhelming depression. Deep down I really really want to get off the meds but I feel as if I can't do it with something that will take me down to where the WDs are minimal and able to deal with it foe a short time.
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its kinda how you look at it, would it be better to keep trudging along barely keeping it together only to hit bottom anyways and be sick , or better to come out of a rehab with the knowledge , tools ,&  things they teach to be able to face life head on with your head in a completly differnt place, even though you come out with no job & $,

situations for everybody are different, but for some it might be better for a complete start over to a different path......
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The thing is that you understand either path will require some sacrifice on your behalf.  If you do go the Sub route, please understand that it should be a short term fix to give you a few months to get away for the pill habit, but in the end the WD can be much worse and if you can not handle pill WD, then you are going to really suffer from the Sub WDs.

I was in the same boat and went the methadone route and stayed on it for almost 2 years and now I am detoxing from that much harder than i would have from my pill habit.  

One consideration that helped me was calculating the amount of money you are presently spending on your habit and then do the math as that compares to treatment cost.  I had a 8-10 pill a day habit, but my methadone treatment equalled the cost of only 3 pills ($14 a day)....so treatment was cheaper than the habit.  I know that does not help the cost of the initial DR visit, but in the long run, you may need to consider it.

There is no easy way out of this, it will take hard work, determination and self-sacrifice.
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I know many people say that why go the suboxone route because you will have withdrawals from that. But, not everyone is able to just stop cold turkey. Although suboxone is no miracle pill it does give people the chance to get out of their addictive behaviors and lifestyle. It's not just a pill, but a program. It seems most people say "don't start suboxone, the withdrawals are horrible)! But what is better, someone getting in the sub program and learning the skills to overcome the pill abuse or to continue to take handfuls of pills digging yourself deeper into addiction. Suboxone could very easily save someone's life if you look at the amount of acetaminophen that are in most narcotic pain meds. You have to weigh the risks. Not everyone can just toss the pills and go on with life without some form of treatment whether it be rehab or a drug maintenance program. Once you get your life back on track and you and your doctor feel you are ready, then you start the tapering process. From what I have read if you taper properly the withdrawals are not as bad as most full agonist opiates. But, if someone was to go cold turkey off of a high dose then the withdrawals will be horrible.
All you can do is research like crazy and make the choice that you feel is best.
As for a suboxone doctor that would take payments, I really doubt it. You have to remember that us addicts have a certain stigma about us. Many lie, cheat, steal, etc. Not saying we all do but most non addicts put us all in the same category even if we are one of the most honest people in the world. Is florida much more expensive due to the major pill problem there? If so, depending on where you live maybe you could check in to a place in georgia. Even if you have to drive a few hours it may be worth it depending on the cost difference.
Is it possible for you to take a leave of absence for work and go to rehab? If your doctor deems it medically necessary I don't think you can get fired. Maybe see what you and your doctor can come up with.
After struggling for so long sometimes people need to take a different approach than tapering or cold turkey. Only you can make the decision. Just be sure it is an educated decision. Only you know if you can get and stay clean on your own. It can be done if you want it bad enough though. It's a road that is bumpy, muddy, and even mountains but there is an end to it and you can make it.
Best of luck to you. Be sure to stick around this forum for support even if you don't feel ready to quit. Sometimes all it takes is a few words that you read or someone's story to get that extra bit of motivation you need to quit.
Hang in there. It's great you are being proactive instead of just sitting back saying I'm gonna quit tomorrow with tomorrow never coming.

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