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Suboxone Vs Belbuca

Hi everyone ....
Just to let you know how I’m doing on sub.
It’s been a month and I’m on two 8mg films a day..
I actually feel great besides my runny nose and muscle aches in the morning..
I went to my doctor today and he said he was very proud of me that I stopped methadone for my pain ( he was the one who put me on methadone 10 + years ago)..
Now he wants me to think of BELBUCA ??
Is he serious?? I’m not a guinea pig, I need to continue to work to support my family.. the withdrawal I went they from methadone was HORRIBLE.. never again.
I’m just curious tho? How bad is withdrawals from suboxone? Have u heard of Belcuca?
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Switching from Suboxone to Belbuca shouldn't be a problem imo because they have the same opioid in them - buprenorphine - your Dr. Would know this too. The Belbuca, however doesn't contain naloxone which is what's suppose to keep you from wanting to abuse the drug or get high  - which might be a concern for you? Honestly the Dr. Is probably suggesting Belbuca because it's something newer and some pharm rep has told him how "new & great" it is - but I can't tell you one way or the other because I've never taken it or Suboxone for pain BUT they do have the same main ingredient. That being said - coming off either will be hard I hate to say - at least it was for me. I hope this helps.
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Thank you..
I’m on this medication for pain.
However I want to slowly get off of this...
Those withdrawals from methadone was the worst thing in the world. I’m scared about the thought of going through that again..
Just FYI regarding the naloxone being the difference btw. Suboxone & Belbuca... Dr. Steven Scanlan  says  "The naloxone serves no purpose other than to be the most incredible marketing tool for the makers of Suboxone." I had to find the article to quote. If you want to read a thorough article about coming off Suboxone I highly recommend this article. https://www.pbod.org/detoxing-suboxone-fear-caused-lack-knowledge/
It has the best information I've read.
Also, coming off suboxone (buprenorphine) is hard. But I found it easier to taper from than methadone. That being said, listen to your body and think about your future goals - inform yourself and don't let your Dr. Prescribe more than you need - not saying he is, but it happens all too often. If you truly want to get off this at some point your Dr. Should know that too. Hope this helps!
Great advice from KLB84.  I'm sending you warm thoughts Mamasago and hugs.
Thank you so much.... I’ll look at the article.
I keep thinking how I wish I never got on this medication in first place.. but I trusted my doctor.. now I’m 49 and I’m so scared about getting off this crap!!
Woukdnt suboxone without the naloxone be subutex??
Similar but Belbuca is a film - lots of medications have different names and forms but the same key ingredients.
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Mamasago!  Let us know how the week has been?  How are you?  How are you feeling?  How is the "process"?
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I have never heard of Belbuca.....but im gonna google it now! Sub w/d, for me, was bad. The least amount of time you can stay on the subs the better, imo.
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