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Suboxone WD story

I just wanted to post on here about my battle with sub WD.  It has been 64 hours since my last sub dose.
I have been on sub for about 4 years since my last relapse, been on sub before that, and some type of opiate for about 10 years.  Now to start..
Taper!!!!  I did this gradually over many years and finally got to a point where I could make the jump.  My daily dose was about .25 mg's.
Now my dr prescribed me clonidine and vistaril.  However I decided against taking them because they only made me tired and I still couldn't sleep.  I went the cold turkey route this time.
As I said its been 64 hours and I feel so so.  I slept for about 3 hours today and felt a lot better after that.  Over all slept for about 4 hours in the last 3 days.  I feel the best advice is to try and stay awake, your body will get the sleep it needs you just gotta push through.  Vitamins and water, take a lot of both of these.
I feel like I got over a huge hump, and I know I am by no means done with sub WD but am feeling better everyday.
Just know that it is possible to do it.  Just keep your mind occupied and stay as active as possible.
I can't overstate the support from family, friends and this forum.  I have gotten a ton of support from someone on here and it has helped me immensely.
It's gonna be tough but it is possible and things do get better.  Hopefully This can help someone in a similar situation.  I will post updates and my detox progresses.
Stay strong!!!!!
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It seems like its a big circle, we get off pills with subs then we go thru withdrawls getting off the  the pill that helped us get off pills? I dont understand the reason fot using subs?
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Awesome post!! Glad to hear you did it right and you're ok! It's not always a horror story... God bless you!
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Well it's hour 68 now and I hit a wall of exhaustion.  That 3 hour nap earlier helped but I'm hoping I can sleep tonight.  At least for a few hours.  Forgot to mention baths in my first post.  Hot baths are a life saver!!!
Still feel so so.  Got the goose flesh still and my muscle/joints are aching.  Been sneezing like crazy, runny nose, etc...
Took some aka seltzer cold medicine.  Daytime though, nothing nighttime.  It helps a little with the flu like symptoms.
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Hit the 81 hour mark.  Got to sleep for a few hours.  Took alteril, an all natural sleep aid and it helped my grab some sleep.  Still taking hot baths and gonna exercise later get some of those natural endorphins going!!
Hope all is well with other detoxers out there :)
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Thanks for the post. I'm on 8mg suboxone film & my dr. is slowly tapering me down by 1/2 strip per month. I'm taking 4 strips a day. I just started Friday and was wondering what it will be like when I finally go down to nothing by January
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If you taper as much as you can it won't be too bad.  I was on a very small dose when I stopped and the WD was as I mentioned above.  The more you taper the more WD you will get out of the way.  It's better to feel a little crappy while tapering than really crappy trying to stop at a large dose.  Once you get to 1-2mg try to go every other day, and just space it out as much as possible.  It's no picnic to quit sub but it is possible it's been 88 hours for me and I feel ok.  Still a bit of lingering WD but over all I feel much better than day 1-3
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Well coming up to 92 hours.  I feel pretty good and am feeling better evey hour.  I feel the acute WD are over and I'm getting ready for PAWS.  I never thought I would be at this point but I am.  If I can do this ANYONE CAN!!!!
I also want to say that music has helped me a lot over the past few days.  Gotta find a song that makes you smile and get those endorphins pumping haha.
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Well that's some of the controversy with suboxone.  I didn't know I would have to go through WD when I was put on it.  In fact my dr even told me I could've stayed on sub indefinitely.  Which I think is ridiculous.  It does help get you to transition from other opiates to a safer one but you end up in the same position in the end...
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Wasn't able to sleep last night.  Gotten a total of 12 hours of sleep in the past 106 hours... Ugh.  The muscle aches are hitting pretty strong right now.  That's what caused me to not sleep last night.  But I finally got all the amino acid protocol together and have been using that.
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Congrats! Thats awesome.....
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I haven't had to suffer the withdrawals of suboxone yet as I am still taking them, but for me, suboxone was the only way to go.  I had a 15 year vicoden addiction.  If I had not been put on suboxone last month, the vicoden would have eventually killed me.  Now, I'm not looking forward to getting off of suboxone, but I don't plan to be on it much longer and my doctor has a plan to wean me off of it.  
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I think suboxone is a great tool to be used to get off your DOC.  But I feel like I should never have been maintained on it for 4 damn years.  As a DOC WD substitute it's good, as a maintenance opiate it's bad.  I feel the shorter your on it the better.

Update on my situation, almost to day 5.  Was able to sleep for a few hours here and there today but still having a bad day.  Blood feels like its on fire.  Hopefully tomorrow it'll be better
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one day at a time. yes tomorrow you will be even better.
positive thoughts. keep moving forward.
are you getting any counseling and/or attending support groups?
congratulations. you are doing awesome.
sending prayers
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Yes, I should explain that too.  I spent about a year in and out of rehabs.  Went to a halfway house, meeting, the whole deal.  My feelings on meeting are complicated but I do go occasionally.  Have family and friends support and this forum :)
So I have ppl backing me up, and while that helps, this is still rough.  Although I was able to sleep for a couple hours this afternoon and feel ok right now.  Hoping tomorrow will be better.  Never thought I would get this far... But it's happening and all I can do is try to stay strong and push forward for a better tomorrow
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Hang n there, your doin great. I successfully tapered from suboxone with very doable w/d. I did a taper, and mindset is huge too. You will do this. Sub can be a lifesaver! :)
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Thanks!  I still feel about the same.  It's day 5.  Still got the muscle aches.  Was able to sleep for a good few hours today though.  Just gotta keep plugging along...
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Hang in there!!  It's got to get better soon.  I'm so grateful to read posts like yours that educate me on the affects of suboxene.  Had I not found this forum, I might have gone along like you and taken the subs for years!  Take care....
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Im on day 12 without sub and have slept 5 ish good hours sleep.and feel fine today no rls or anxiety.very happy.im gona walk the dog aswell!!
Nice one for day 5
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Thanks for the support fellow medhelpers!!  Day 6 is here.  Actually slept last night!!! Woot.  Lol
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Well freinds it has been a week and I feel pretty good.  Was able to sleep last night again!
The key to my success has been and effective taper plan and a mindset that I wasn't going to quit.  When we want we can do anything we put our minds too!
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congratulations on your clean time.
our minds are a powerful thing.
set your mind on being clean and sober.
you are doing awesome.
mind over matter
continued strength and hope
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It's day 12 free of suboxone for me!  I feel pretty good.  It wasn't a picnic but because I tapered properly the WD were not as bad as they coulda been.
I just want to encourage ppl,trying to get of sub that you can do it!!!!
Sleep has been the biggest issues, as with most opiates.  I am slowly starting to sleep more at night.  You just have to be patient and really determined to stay away from these drugs forever!
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Do subs give you a high or do they just stop the withdrawals?  
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