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Suboxone and snorting it and shooting it

Can anyone tell me if u can get highly addicted to Suboxone if u shot or snort it I know the withdrawal from Suboxone is far worse then if I was taking pill or herion I just can't stand the taste of the Suboxone
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I'm asking for help I'm not goin to stop taking the Suboxone I've been addicted to pills since I was 15 I'm now 33 and just got off the pills about 2 weeks ago
Then get rid of the rig stop snorting and take them as prescribed. This is the only way to break the cycle of your Addiction. It is not the path we choose to get clean but that we get clean. If sub will help then that is fine but use it as intended our you are defeating your own purpose..
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It sounds more like addiction to delivering the drugs along with the addiction too Drugs.. No one here will say it is ok to shoot our snort sub. If you are looking to get clean Get rid of the rig and check out a meeting NA our AA our hit us up when you are ready..I wish you well.  lesa
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