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Suboxone and tramadol!

I have been on suboxone for 3 years. Yesterday, I had 2 teeth pulled and my mother in law gave me some tramadol. Without even thinking (and I think I was under the impression that it wasn’t an opioid) I took a 50mg. My question is.. when can I safely take my suboxone dose?

I should also add that I took the tramadol at 1:30pm and it is now 9:00pm and I have not taken any of my next suboxone dose yet. I quickly realized I may have screwed up.
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That’s what I would’ve done.
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What did you end up doing?
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I’m a wuss. I waited to take my Suboxone dose until 1:00 today so it was close to 24 hours. I figured that since I’m on suboxone, it would’ve just thrown the tramadol off and I would’ve been fine to take it, but wasn’t brave enough to find out and wasn’t able to find any answer online.
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