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Suboxone cold turkey

I have been on suboxone for around 6 years. I am prescribed 3 8mg tablets a day. Usually run out before the month is up and have a friend that let's me borrow enough to make it. But I want off this stuff now. I've heard of taking the right amino acids and vitamins helps. Any advice is appreciated.
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My experience with subs is very limited. I was never prescribed them and used them (off the street) to come off hydro addiction. I did a lot of reading and research and found the "minimal withdrawal" that is advertised in junk. There are a lot of people on here with a lot more long-term experience, but I could tell just by a short use that they were too good to be true. From what all I read a very slow taper is advised. Go ahead and start an exercise program, good diet, and vitamins as soon as you decide to taper, this will prepare your body for any withdrawal symptoms to come and you'll be in a good position when you take the last dose. Can you and your doctor work out a taper plan? Deciding to quit is the first step, hang in there.
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Are you sill with us sickosubs??
I am totally available to talk with you if your wanting to get off of the subs.  I cold turkey quit Jan 1st 2014 off of a 24mg a day suboxone habit. I was taking them for 7 years.  Please let us know your still with us and we can tell you anything you may want to know.
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