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Suboxone dizziness

I have just hit the 2 year mark with my suboxone therapy. My original dose was 16 mg a day (8mg 3 times daily). My current dose is 1 mg (1/2mg a twice a day). For the past few weeks i have had been having consistent dizziness after taking my dose. Is this a common occurrence and should I be concerned? I also have panic attacks and the meds to trigger those as well, especially at the higher doses. Any feedback would be great, thanks!
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I have no answer for the dizziness.  Best to talk to your Doc about that.  You are close!  I jumped off at .25mg / day and had light symptoms.  You've done a lot of work to get where you are.  Congratulations!
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Thanks for the encouragement. I am now on 1/2 mg a day. I've gone back to the pill instead of the strips and the dizziness seems to be improving. I am wondering if the dizziness that remains may be due to my panic attacks. Idk, I'm just REALLY ready to be done with all of this!
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