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Suboxone for pain?

Does anyone have any experience with taking Suboxone for pain?  At this point I am willing to try anything.  I have been on hydro's, 10/500, for the past 2 years for cronic pain in both feet.  I have seen 9 doctors with 9 different diagnosis and not one has helped.  I have had shots in my feet, shots in my back, taken Cymbalta, Amatryptaline, Lyrica, Noratryptaline and nothing has helped.  THe one thing I find that does relieve the pain is Lortab.  

I have tried over the past week to quit taking the Lortab but sometimes my feet sting/burn so bad I have no choice....the pain even gets into my knees.  REcently I have been taking a 5/500 tablet and it seems to work for a few hours but the pain does return.

I have reduced the amount to a half tablet per day and the pain seems to be getting worse.  IS this normal?  WIll the pain decrease the longer I am off the Lortab?  

A doctor told me that opiates hinder the body's natural ability to create it's own pain relievers and the longer you take opiates the body will eventually quit making this substance and rely on the drug. Does this sound correct?

Anyway...this has been the most difficult thing I have ever done.  Can't think straight, cant sleep and have lost about 10 lbs the past two weeks.  Right now it seems like it is the "Mind vs. the drug" boxing match.  The drug is kicking my azz.  I cant seem to get past the 2 day mark without taking a pill.  I also have a friend, who is a nurse, that has been on perc's the past three years for pain.  She keeps telling me that since I do have a legitimate reason for taking the Lortab I am only dependent on them....not addictided.  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

ANy help would be appreciated.  

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Your doc is right.. the longer we take pain meds.. our bodies stop producing the needed endorphin/enkelpins  for pain control.. Alot of people who get off opiates say that their pain in worse on opiates... when they stop they realize their pain isn't as bad as they thought it was, or as the drugs made us think it was.
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I have been taking Suboxone for 2 years.  My understanding is that Suboxone is not designed to control pain; its purpose is to help people withdraw from narcotics by substantially reducing withdrawal symptoms.  My detox doctor told me that Suboxone would take away only 10% of my pain.  In two years of Suboxone use, I'm not sure if Suboxone has helped my pain at all.  I am in constant pain despite using Suboxone.  Stopping the use of narcotics did not eliminate my pain.
I would consult a doctor who specializes in narcotics withdrawal.  Using      Suboxone should substantially reduce your withdrawal symptoms.
Dependence means your body needs the substance; addiction means your mind needs the substance.  Withdrawal from a substance you are physically dependent on will produce unpleasant (or worse) symptoms.  Withdrawal from a substance you are addicted to will be more difficult because your mind craves the substance.
If you are using drugs that control your pain and do not cause any side effects, are you sure you want to quit taking them?  Ask a pain specialist...
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