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Suboxone question

I think I have heard that taking suboxone won't help with pain, only with withdraw. Is that true and if so, and you do have legit pain, what will a doc give you for the pain? For those of you who have pain and are on suboxone, what do you take and what works best for you dealing with pain? I know everyone is different, but just curious what non-narcotic pain meds are out there and do they work as well as the narcs??

Thank you
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For some people sub does work for pain so doctors use it for pain .I am a cronic pain suffer my pain was much worse on optetes then off. I have heard many many as well say this .The first 90 days after were the most problematic for pain then as my bodies pain recptors started working again it got much better I now use zanaflex and aleve sometimes I find asprin REALLY helps too .I dont suffer near as much now as I did when I was on the pain meds
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Opiates have a 'diminishing effect' as most people who have been on them for chronic pain can attest.  Over time their effectiveness decreases while we take increased dosages to make up for this.   Avis is right about getting off altogether and finding other ways to deal with the pain.  Many use Accupuncture, Chiropractic, OTC drugs, and some have found relief in a fairly new prescription (non opiate) called Lyrica.  The Cox 2 inhibitors are still being used with great success by many people.  For those who bother to seek them out there are many alternatives to Opiates.   My own opinion is that most of us start on the Opiates for legitiment pain but soon cross over into feeding an addiction and only then find out that we need the drug for a different reason.
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Whats the Cox 2 inhibitors?
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From my experience - mid way through my addiction my back went out doing pilates at home with no training (thought it was a God send at the time - sick sick sick I know) anyway I had a herniated disc L4-5 that had split open and there was spinal fluid leaking.  I was given massive painkillers and had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital in traction to stabalize.  The back pain stayed for along time and I was an addict kid in a candy store.  The pills did not help my back so much and the only thing I can attest to helping my back was exercise.. I had injections, epidurals, nerve blocks etc.  The epidurals would help for a few days and then that shooting pain down the leg would come back.  Was told I was not a candidate for surgery because I was too young.  For me exercise was the only thing to help.  I started barely able to stand straight and walked a little at a time.. then I increased.. a few months down the road (although I was still an addict) I was speed walking and a few months later jogging.  It strengthened my back unbelievable and healed it better than any pills could. I know that no everyone's pain is the same and a lot of people simply cannot exercise but if at all possible a little at a time can be a huge help.  
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refusing brings up a really good point exercise really helps as well .start out slowly it may seem more painful at first but its does end up being a big help.
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I have been on sub for 3 weeks now.  I have a torn rotator cuff, as well as severe arthritis.  The sub does work for my pain, but no 'high' effect.  I have no cravings whatsoever.  On very cold nights or when a storm is coming in (low atmospheric pressure) I do have aching in my joints but I take 800mg of Ibuprofen and it relieves it.  Before my pain would reach a 9/10 on a scale.  Now my worst is probably a 3-4/10.  Its definitely tolerable.  
You should know, when I use my pain seems nearly impossible to relieve and I went straight from my 60+pill of lortab 10/325 per day to the sub.  I know alot of people on here have very negative things to say about sub, but every one of us is different.  What works for some may not for others.  I keep in mind that someday, I will have to wean off the sub and my pain (or my perception of it) will increase.  But for me, it is "doing whatever it takes" to stay away from the lortab.  
short answer:  Yes it has treated my pain well......Very well!
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thanks for your responses..can someone tell me how sub is taken? Do you take one pill a day or 1 pill several x's a day? The reason I ask is I am trying to figure out the difference btn sub and any other opiate...is the only difference not getting the "high" feeling? If that is the only difference then I am wondering do you still have to anxiety of not having enough pills or does the dose fit the pain? I hope that makes sense...I just want to know what are the benefits of taking sub (an opitate and narcotic) compared to say percocet (my DOC, which is also an opiate and narcotic)? so if someone can explain that to me I would appreciate it. I just want to decide if sub would be a good choice for me..thanks!
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What doeage are you on of the sub b/c I am chroinic pain patient and have had no succes on as little as 8mg and as high as 32 mg I am curently on 8mg a day. My pain is neuopathic and I cannot take Lyrica, neurountin etc b/c of a bleeding disorder. I was just wondering that perhaps it if  is helping my pain and it would be a he77 of a lot worse w/o it it. What pain are you experiencing? I am afraid to go off the subs just in case my pain is somwhat controlled and I don't know it b/c I wasn on oxys for 10 yrs.

PS. I cannot take ibruprofen due to my clotting disorder. I don;t listen though and take a boat load of advils a day which gives me a stomach ache. At least 16 to 24 200 mgs . How bad am I hurting my body. I can't seem to stop b/c it aleves my pain froman 8 to a 6 probably.


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most opiates do not actually truly directly relieve pain..they alter the minds perception of pain..when u take them away the mind feels a void..sub can fill that void..depression is part of  pain...when u feel pain u feel depressed after a while/especially chronic pain..then add wds...u have a depression duo going on....sub takes the depression away..so therefore indirectly helps pain..especially the pain the brain is going thru ..take the sub away and there u r back at square one unless u use it short term/but then u still have the depression to deal with when u quit whether it be short or long term..ur body just "aint" gona like u pulling it's "peace" away from it..u have still been feeding ur brain "peace and tranquility instead of doing so with ur own chemicals/NTs......life time use of maintenence narcs like methadone or sub are the only way to try and avoid this cycle....and then i hear that after years of use, these 2 will turn on u like the hydros did on me and left me nothing but empty and depressed no matter how many i took....most of us will have to face the music one day..and it wont be a pretty bouncy tune when people do finally let go of these AD, pain relievers...more like an Edgar Allen Poe poem I think
I feel it still from time to time...the addicts own behavior/my behavior/ has caused a depression that is one of the hardest to kick...and causes many to relapse or stay on maintenance narcotics..it is a dark doomy feeling/thick and deep/ for many and to me was the hardest part/and still is sometimes/of kicking narcotics...getting thru the darkness that our own mind dumps on us due to the damage we have done to our brain's is tough.....I dont know the answer...just not sure that continuing to feed my brain outside sources of endorphins which shut my own mechanisms down,  is what i want to do/and believe me i have struggled with this being a chronic pain patient

Being able to withstand that 2-3 months of doomers/sometimes more/sometimes less/is dern hard and most cant do it..feeling uncomfortable is not in our dictionary...we never let it happen very often...Me, have a bad day?  No way..i would take care of that in a heartbeat when i used..til it no longer worked for me anymore..i was an escape artist...afraid of pain, mostly emotional pain....figured out i had to learn how to feel "not so great" for a bit...and sometimes downright crappy..some can not do this for one day much less one month..takes committment to say the least..and discipline...

longwinded..sorry..havent posted much as of late so i did a longy!  LOL
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I did not mean to say that maintenance narcs were the only way to make it..cos many do make it without them and taper..ct  etc...just have to make it thru the hard part..and then we are free
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I am not on sub now, I am trying to see if I could benefit from it. I take percocet 10/325 and I am physically and psychologically addicted to them. I take way more than I should, I like the high, and I do have pain in my neck and shoulder. I have degenerate arthritis in my spine and have been told I would benefit from surgery. But I find myself counting pills and feeling a lot of anxiety worrying how many do I have left, then trying to figure out how many days that will last and then worry about what to do when I run out. I wish I had never started these pills...
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38....most have degenerative arthritis to some degree at 40 and above..some feel it...some do not....i do as well..i had a fusion done at 41 and i dont recommend it if that is the surgery u are thinking of...was a disaster for me and after learnig the pros and cons i understand why..now having problems related to it 7 years later..surgery is not always the answer ot things especially chronic pain as damage to nerves and muscles has been done...post accident i think fusions help..not years into pain tho....i am now having problems below my fusion/disc is about to blow from extra work load..if u fuse 2 vertebrae together then the work load has to go somewhere ..the discs below and above are then overworked due to the fusion

surgery may or may not help..it is a tough one..when it oesnt it is a big fat bumber...but get a few opinions as it is important
i think at some point we just have to deal with the pain or become addicts...or stay addicts..find another form of pain relief that is no so mentally painful
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