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Suboxone wd day 42 still feeling bad wd. How long did it take you to feel better?

When will I wake up from this nightmare? Day 42, rls, hot flashes, feel like I'm 600 pounds. I can't stand feeling like this. I have no-one to talk to about it. My family & friend don't understand. ( yes I just have one friend ) who moved across the country. I feel so damn lonely.
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Hi, it's SO slow on weekends here. Especially a holiday weekend so you may need to be patient and keep checking back. 42 days is great but technically it's still so early. When I detoxed from norco I specifically recall 44 days and still feeling like crap. And subs takes longer. You'll just have to hang in there. Exercise, despite feeling like the last thing you want to do, is highly recommended. You need to get your natural endorphins going as they've been obliterated by opiates for so long. The biggest thing I recommend is getting into aftercare. Once we remove the drugs, then the real fun begins. Dealing w/ all our reasons for using and our inability to tolerate life. You said you have no one to talk to but when you go to NA/AA you can have an endless amount of folks that will understand. Not many people stay clean w/o real life support after we remove the drugs.

Hang in there and keep checking back:)
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Congrats on 42 days!! I cant really add anything that wasnt already said from the above poster.  Stay strong, you are worth this fight~
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Congrats on the time you have! Thats a huge step! But if you want someone to talk to about what youre going through, i would HIGHLY suggest finding an AA, NA, or Celebrate Recovery meeting in your area, because those guys want to help and can help! Also, for me, coming off almost 10 years of using, 5 years of that being suboxobe, thats a hard thing to come off of. It took me til 60 days to start feeling better, but looking back, i realizex that a lot of it was mental. I was upset that i couldnt feel good, and that just made me feel worse. I decided that every morning i was going to get up and feel good, mentally. Thats when i started feeling better physically as well! Praying for ya, and keep it up!
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