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Suboxone withdrawal??!

Stopped Suboxone 8 days ago cold Turkey. My mind set is still strong but the aching pain all over my body is ridiculous. Does anyone know any tricks to cope with this it's mainly at night when I'm trying to go to sleep?
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Can i ask what mg you quit at? Had you been tapering?
I went through sub w/d and really didnt find much that totally eased it....at night you can try melatonin and such but stay away from benzos b/c they wont work and make you even more tired but awake!!! Your gonna have to push through the no sleep...eat REALLY healthy...bananas for potassium, dark green leafy veges, etc... if you are having trouble eating (i did, no appetite) eat meal replacement shakes high in protein. Take good multivitamin, motrin (3 200mg), vit c, l-tyrosine (gnc), gaba 750 (gnc). I was told over and over to force myself to get up and walk around....i would walk out my door and down the street which would put me in the position of HAVING to walk back, if u get what im saying. Stay as hydrated as you can...getting dehydrated will make it worse!
Keep posting to let us know where your at in this process.....here to help....
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