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Suboxone withdrawls

I need help. My daughter has been on suboxone since July. Every month or so she has "withdrawls" vomiting etc for several days. I think she takes about two tabs a day or less. Why the vomiting?
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Hi Terri --- Don't know why the vomiting -- perhaps her dose is wrong.  Dosing Sub is very tricky -- most doctors do not know how to do it.  I started Sub after being in W/D's for 18 hours - only took 2 mg the first time but found that was enough to alleviate the W/D's so I stopped there and took that amount twice a day.  Many doctors have their patients start with a very large dose -- not appreciating the strength of Sub.   My take is that the lowest dose the better on Sub.  At some point she will want to get off of it and that may be a real bear.  I would suggest you go to the health pages (upper right of this page) and look for a post titled "Members experiences coming off of Suboxone"   It may help her make decisions about her Sub use when she does begin to taper.   Still don't know from your post just how much Sub she is taking.  Wishing you all the best.
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It seems kind of strange that she would get sick like that once a month. Normally people who suffer vomiting as a side effect only go through it during the first week of treatment. After 4 months she shouldn't be vomiting especially only once a month. Is she taking any other medications? Honestly, it sounds a little suspicious - I hope this doesn't offend, but are you sure she's not using for a couple days and then going back to the suboxone?
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subs most common symptoms are vomiting and head aches, what dose is she taking
are you sure that she is not on other opiates, if she is taking sub and using other opiates she will continue to throw up, she will soon become very very sick
can you get her to an na meeting tonight? the day i picked up my last white chip i had mixed sub with Dilaudid
that was august 23rd 2004, but i remember how i felt, man
i hope she can get clean, suboxone is a horrible way to go
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she very well could be using on and off. It doesn't offend, i am worried, her weight is too low. She is also on asthma meds. If she is using would that cause the withdrawls?
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Her dosage of suboxone is 8/2 intially rx'd at 1 three x a day. Is it dosed according to weight which is about 85lbs or tolerance?
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Yes it absolutely would. Honestly if she's continuously getting sick around the same time every month, she's likely used other opiates for a couple of days then going back on the suboxone. A person must be in full withdrawals from other opiates (24-36 hours after)before taking a suboxone or else it will put that person into serious withdrawals. Sub also has a long half life (which means it stays in the system) of about 36-72 hours. Mixing suboxone and other opiates can be a pretty dangerous game. Would she be honest with you if you confronted her?
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If she is having the vomiting problems with any regularity she is probably doing something else also. Sub would have a one shot vomit while instituting the therapy - but not at predictable intervals. Sounds to me like she is hitting some type of monthly wall. Whether it is financial and linked or whether it is medication (heroin?) linked.
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As far as I know sub is not dosed according to weight. It's generally dosed according to how much opiates someone was using prior - and at what does is the person 'comfortable'. 24 mgs a day is a fairly large dose to be on daily especially after 4 months... if she was getting sick and vomiting on a regular basis, I'd say her dose was too high. But if it only seems to be once a month - it definitely sounds suspicious.
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No she wouldn't be honest. Sadly a big liar regardless of all the support and help we give her. She probably will never stop. I know she smokes weed, and she insists that is oaky and does not cause problems. would pot cause withdrawls. I am sorry i feel so stupid.
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Don't feel stupid at all! We as addicts are generally big liars regardless, so don't beat yourself up about any of it. I don't think pot would cause wds as it's not an opiate, and I don't know what kind of interaction that may have with the sub. She'll only stop if she wants to and no medication in the world will make her want to. How old is she?
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She is almost 20. She has to stay in school for ins benefits to help cover all this. She doesn't/won't work, and we do not give her money. I suspect she is selling her "extra" suboxones/valium/zanax, which i only give her a week's worth at a time.
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how dangerous is it for her to be using heroin and taking suboxone at the same time?
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you may be able to help by having her committed, but thats reaching, i was commintted a million and one times to expensive tx centers and i just wasnt ready
and if she refuses to quit pot, theres nothing anyone can do except plant the seed
now you can find this seed at na
you can take her there, even if she is high
let her hear what it takes to recover, i went to my first aa meeting when i was a teen, and i got that seed planted, then when i was ready to get clean, i went back on my own
and i would not be doing you any favors by leaving this out, YOU need help, addiction is a family disease, my mom became so sick over my addiction, she needed alonon
there is also a great book called "no more letting go"
they should have a copy at the local library, get you some help, give your daughter an option by exposing her to na, then leave it in her hands, there is only so much we can do for people, and mental illness like addiction is something the actual patient has to work on, there is no known medical cure the most widley excepted tx is 12 step recovery
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Your likely right... maybe not giving her that much in advance would help a bit? She's so young - could you encourage her to come to this forum? I'm 24 and my doc was heroin as well - I've been on sub since April 07 and away from dope. If you could get her to come to this forum I'd love to chat with her.

It's dangerous enough that she needs to stop... I don't want to tell you something that might not be true, so please google suboxone and get more info. I have tons of links to site about sub if you'd like me to PM them to you.
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Thank you all so much, finally someone to talk to. She is asleep in bed from 3 days of vomiting. She was in rehab last year shortly after getting out she started again and got a dui. In july we took her to get on suboxone maintenece as the rehab didn't do that. I would love to get her on this forum but, she already knows everything, if you know what i mean. I would like to get the links to the real suboxone sites since most of them seem to be advertisements. So i would say she is still using,and needs to want to stop completely. I will look into the book becuase you know that i am sick and tired myself.
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I sent you a PM - go to 'Inbox' at the top of the page!!
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Hang in there, Terri!

You posting here is making me want to tell my mom about my problems. im 31 and live 2400 miles away from my family. I desperately want to be able to talk to them about my addiction. Ive always been pretty open and honest with them. But I am worried that if I tell my parents, they will fret and worry and feel powerless. Plus, for the rest of the time we do have together, i dont want them wondering if I am on dope. Of course they have their suspicions = i never hid my drug use when i lived near them, but i also wasn't a complete junkie then. Now I most definitely am. I am also in the final year of a PhD and am independent, so it's not like im hitting them up for anything. It would just be nice to be able to talk to my mom about this - even if she has no clue what this is all about.

I would recommend not sweating the weed. I am on sub and in the past, have found marijuana to be extremely helpful for withdrawals. For me, it helps with pain, nausea, and anxiety (especially when I reduce my dose). I have not noticed any kind of interaction with suboxone.

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FIrst of all are you a complete junkie or on sub? Yes your parents will fret and worry the worst part is feeling powerless that is how i found this site. You have too much going for you to throw it away and jeapordize your phd. Get Clean, and share you "success" story with your parents. That is the best way. Good Luck, You can do it if you really want to live "on the other side". No more lies. To yourself or others. That is the worst.
Good luck!
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Hi, I just wanted to write to you, because wow oh wow- your story sounds a lot like what I went thru with my mother. I'm 24, and have been clean almost 10  months. I was also addicted to heroin. I tried the sub route as well. I figured out that you could sell your sub on the street for a decent amount of money, so I would guess that's probably what she's doing. I would only use my sub for when I was completely broke, and had no other choice. For those that don't use opiates regularly, suboxone will really mess them up. My Mom use to give me my dose everyday, so she knew that I took it. I even got smart about that. I would hold it in my mouth, trying not to let it disolve, and then I'd spit it out as soon as she wasn't looking. In my case, I would lie to my mom about all my using, mostly because I did not want her to be disappointed in me. I felt like she could never understand, and wanted to save her the heartache of having a junkie daughter. As soon as my Mom talked to me about it, and asked questions that weren't towards me, but more towards the disease did I start to open up about how hard it was. It got to the point, where I would cry to my Mom about the struggle. She sent me away for 90 days to a program that truly saved my life. I did not have a lot of friends while using, but the one's I did have were also junkie's. All of them had been prescriped suboxone, and all of them ended up selling most of them- saving a couple for extremely bad days. In my opinion, suboxone is not the answer. She needs to get away from people, places, and things... go thru extreme withdrawal, and then work on the reason why she uses. I fight the urge to use everyday. I had to leave my home for 6 months, and sometimes feel it still wasn't long enough. This is life or death for her. Please don't fool yourself into thinking that she's having a reaction to the suboxone. It just sounds so familiar to me. Your family is in my prayers.
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Okay, i guess i am not a complete junkie because if i am on suboxone, i am not engaging in junkie behavior (constantly plotting to get more, not paying bills, not seeing my friends, etc). However, i am and always will be an addict. That does not change. I will definitely tell my parents some day ... Right now, i am starting a new treatment program with a new doctor who is also a psychologist. I am looking forward to exploring the issues that led to my drug abuse. I want to know the root cause of this. In the meantime, I am not in a burning hurry to get off the suboxone. It doesnt really cause me any side effects - it did reduce my appetite, but smoking pot takes care of that. Other than that, suboxone gives me a way to live without being completely fixated on opiates. I would much rather be taking a steady dose of suboxone than being on heroin again.

I really wish your daughter the best. Hopefully, she can recognize and work on her problem before she hits a terrible bottom. I would agree with the rest of the posters here and say there is something fishy going on.
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You are right she does need to get away from her "friends". I do have a place for her to go but she is too stubborn. Thank you for your help. I know that it is a struggle for her and that there is some reason why. I know that she has the urges however i can't really help her until she can tell the truth and be honest to herself and us. I told her about this site and what i have learned but she insists that she knows herself and that she isn't using to cause the withdrawls etc. All lies. She knows it all. My biggest fear is the call that she is dead. She od once here at home and almost died, the paramedics saved her and from that she says she will never shoot up again. So she smokes it. Still denial. I am still going to try to get her on this site and read all this. She is so lucky as you that she is loved and wanted. Thank you for your prayers and I hope this thanksgiving you give thanks for your second chance and how much you are loved by your special people.
You give me hope. Thank you!
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Dude, you are on the right path. You Can Do IT!!! You are being honest, and seriously getting help.  If you need help, love, support, then share with your parents. First they will help you and love you. They will probably feel guilty but talk to your psychologist about it first. I don't think they will be as disappointed but will feel guilty for not being better parents. So you need to discuss this first with your dr. so that it works out right. I am proud of you for taking responsibility, taking action, and working to resolve it. I guess you are from the midwest and since i am native ca. i think more aware of the drug culture. take your time. Baby steps. Don't overwhelm your self and create the "need" to go back to the other side. Good Luck!  If i helped you at all i would always be willing to talk you again. Keep the Faith. You Will Do IT!!!
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Did it ever occur to anyone she might be anorexic on top of al of the other stuff and is throwing up food? Just a thought,however if it is the same time everymonth there must be something else like Money at that time? friend with resources < Money at that  time? Leaving house for the noght and coming back or? Not how sub works, dont throw up on it after intial treatment ,unless, and you said she takes Xanax with it and valuium or did i read this wrong? ISnt that in itself very dangerous?
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