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Suboxone withdraws

Does anyone know how long the physical withdraws last? Im on day 8 and Im doing no better then I was the first few days.
Restless leggs and no sleep legg pains, WTF..... No energy what so ever,
I was on suboxone for 1 1/2 yrs  starting off at 4mg a day. I reduced to 2 mg and then jumped......I just got fetup and flused the whole bottle down the sink and said " OK" Bring it on! *lol* So it did!

So will this last much longer? Or is this just the begining? The no sleep is a ***** but its the restless leggs that is pissing me off........
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you jumped off way to high you want to go down to a crumb you really should talk to the doctor and ask for a taper to go all the way off if not it could be a while before you feel better
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I quit the suboxone also and I know about the restless legs.  I found that both the Thomas recipe and an over the counter called restful legs found at walgreen's.  I know you jumped a great deal but if my suggestions do not help, contact your doctor like avisg advised.  Keep posting and let us know how you are doing
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dunno..at day 8 i wouldnt go back now and taper..cos u would be tapering from 0...but we r all different..if u r at the point of relapse to ur DOC..then go talk to ur sub dr....some do better just "letting go"  and a taper can be hard..u could go back to ur sub dr and try a taper and start all over again//addicted to sub

wd is associated with any narcotic//and sub is a strong narcotic..with all in place as it should be/u have done the work on urself to give urself the strength u need to get and stay clean...sub alone doesnt make us clean//it only keeps us off the street buying drugs or dr shopping while we do our inner work we need to do

going back and starting over on 2-4 mgs of sub is not what i would do...but i am not sitting there feeling like u r right now//only u know if u can come thru this//only u know how ready u were to let go of the sub..it can become a DOC

wds from sub usually do not hit full force til 72 hours...and like methadone...up to 3 weeks to a month til u feel "halfway normal"  doesnt mean u r gonna feel as bad as u feel today everyday til then..it will get better with good and bad days....slowly more good than bad..the mental aspect of any narcotic wd lasts 2-3 months or longer depending on DOC, dose and length of use..u r not alone

r u still having physical wd?  ie nausea, runs, headache, cramps etc...or do u feel tired and depressed/anxious?  this can often be mental wds and will be there with any narcotic wd for a while..mental wd makes u feel physically yuck so many feel they r still in physical wd...technically when the runs stop///narcotic physical wd is on its way out

have u read the health pages?  lots of great info like the thomas recipe..exercise rox as it kix in endorphins u need so badly///sub is a sticky drug and u gotta MOVE to get it out of ur system forcing ur brain to kick in and do the endorphin thing

For most sweats and anxiety//dpression and fatigue persist a while after physical wd is over...it is the aftermath..for many physical and mental wds run together..for me i saw the transition clearly cos i felt good for a few days before the mental wd hit me hard...aftercare is the key to making it thru this part...exercise helped me more than anything..and the thomas recipe

also ur dr can give u safe drugs like phenergan to help u thru this stage..help u sleep etc///lots of safe drugs to help u make it..plus otc supps....read the health pages//and keep posting
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Today is now day 9..Yahooooooooooooooo
I went down and bought the Melatonone and the 5 hq? I was able to sleep off and on last night,.. This morning I feel a lot better then I have in days... I will not go see my "SUB" dr. for nothing! I would rather lay down and die first....  Reason being.....
I was on Vics for 2 1/2 yrs, and one day I woke up and said enough is enough.. On day 3 of having none I started feeling crapy, so I found this SUB DR. She convienced me that SUBOXONE was the only way to go,
She out right lied to me, saying I would have to be on suboxone for the rest of my life,,, She put me on 4mg forawhile and then wanted me to encrease my dosages to 24mgs.  I asked her why increase it If Im ok on what Im on. She said, Now you need to be on a maintances dose.
That didnt sound right to me.  I knew I didnt want to be on the suboxone for the rest of my life so I stopped going to her 11 months ago. I swear some of the damn Suboxone doctors are certified drug pushers them selves.............
She did give me 3 bottles of suboxone and for 11 months I weaned myself down to what I thought I could handle, then I just flushed  almost a whole bottle of them down the sink and said Ok  IM done!
Well let me tell you, if it wasnt for coming on here and reading these posts I would  be going nuts......
This form has helped me greatly... SO today is day 9, Im doing so much better today..  I know I will have good days and bad days, but Im thankful for at least today.............................
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I have to agree with worried, dont go back now, you are too far into it to have to start over.
If you are starting to sleep that is great.  At day 11 I had the dr give me a total of 12 Lunesta.  Just enought to break the sleepless cycle.  Once your able to break the cycle, sleep will start to come much easier.  However, the longer you go without the sleep the harder it gets to break the cycle.   I also jumped at 2 mg, which was the dr orders,  after only doing Sub for a month.  It does take some time even after the sleep returns.  The main thing right now is to never even consider going back and from your  post I think you have already made that decision.

Keep up the good work.
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Today is day 11... I had a hard night with those damn restless leggs again. I didnt sleep a frickin wink. Damn that just sucked! Hot flashes and sweats.. The melentone didnt do a damn thing e for me either.. My poor dogs just hate me this morning! I was up and down up and down all night. In and out of the hot tub like a crazy women. But I survived another night. Even tho I feel worse today again, ..
(It just seems like I can only have one half way good day at a time)
I have not missed one day of work through any of this... But Im lucky since I own my own buisness, I can go in and just sit, so that is good for me anyway. I don't know If I could work if I really had to...
Yesterday I felt good enough to go to town for a few hours.... Maybe by 9 am or so I'll feel better..... Its just my leggs feel like a ton of bricks and its hard to even lift them up. *ug*
My ex wants to come back, so maybe that was a reason I couldn't calm down last night too.... I don't know....... Long story short, he has never even touched a frinkin beer alone taken a pain  pill for no damn reason!
He was so blind to my addiction, never once did he ever say anything about my pills in my purse.... He just figured I got them from my doctor, so  I must need them... He knew what hell I went through with my knee surgery. OMG I will never ever have another ACL surgery. Cut my damn legg off pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Yes, I only went to 1 doctor, he was so good about handing out those damn vicodines, just like candy. He never once said, hey , you think you may be addicted to these? Nope he never did, he just kept refilling my RX every 2 weeks..... That lasted for 2 1/2 years.... I think I would still be on them if I had not of moved back to my home state. But once I got away from this doctor, my eyes opened up, and thats when I relized I had a problem with the,,,,,, Then I met my SUB DOC. Lets say I jumped out of one frying pan just to land into another frying pan..... F*&)king doctors!

Im just rambleing this morning I guess.
I keep praying for one good night of sleep! and when it comes I will be so happy.. Then I will know that I had to go through of all of this ****, to get where I''m at today!
Don't get me wrong, it's hell, but Im happy right now to be going through this hell without Vicodine or Subs!
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Congratulations Fatema - keep it up, you should be about through.  I could not agree more with some of your comments - I was on sub for nearly 4 years and I could not taper on my own - finally did a medical detox to get off - now it's been nearly 7 months!  Keep moving forward.
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Congrates on day 9!  Your doing so well!  I agree, sub docs are just certified drug pushers.  My sub doc increased my dose when I told her I had a backache constantly.  Thankfully she never went above 8mg but still, ive been on these now for over a year. Down to less than 1mg and scared to jump but your doing very good!!

I got a bunch of stuff for the amino acid protocol. Ive found it makes the morning wds easier and while shopping, I found this nifty little thing called "relax all"  Its near the melatonin and calcium.  Its a mixture of the melatonin, calcium and some weird flower that calms you and lets you naturally drift off to sleep.  Even keeps me asleep all night.  You should maybe look into that if the RLS is still bugging you?  I got it at vitamin shoppe but ive seen it at GNC before too..
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When I posted yesterday  and when I went back over it, I made a mistake on the date. Ops! Today is day 11. not yesterday.
Since moving back to my home state I have not seen a primary doc. I have no insurance, so I guess the lunesta is out of the question for me.
But I could probably call my old doctor who was so good about giving me the vic's Im sure he would fax in a RX for me... Just a thought!  My ex still lives thier and could go to the pharmacy and pick them up and then mail them to me... hummmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe  maybe maybe.....
The most sleep Im getting is a 1/2 and the rest of the night Im up and down. My RLS pain is not as strong now but still a pain  at night..
I wonder how many days a person can go without sleep before thier body just crashes?
I swear Im gonna turn into a fish! I was in the tub 3 times last night again, so at 3:00 am I said screw it and just got up....
  I have always been a really good sleeper, boy do I ever dream about a half way good sleep! *lol* ummmmmmmmmmm  looking forward to it!
The withdraws are easing off during the day,  I think the Vit B is helping me alot for engery...
YoungN Love,
I do take Melantonin  and a calcium with mag, and zinc at night, hasnt helped at all......

Im happy right now to be going through this hell without Vicodine or Subs! Everyday is getting easier as well.....
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Thank God today is day 12 with no SUBS!
i finally got about 6 hours of much much needed sleep last night!
I had some trazadone from a long time ago, and I finally found them. So I took 75mg.. (They are 150mg tabs) I cut it into.
I feel so much better today, maybe I can actually get out today and do a little x-mass shopping done today... My RLS are not as bad today either, just a little sore, but nothing like they have been....

Im happy right now to be going through this hell without Vicodine or Subs! Everyday is getting easier as well.....
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Day 13, OMG Icant believe it... I slept well last night, so hopefully it will be a good day.
It is getting easier and easier with each day, the damn WD's are letting up . But when will the damn RLS ever stop?
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Great Job fatema - you are doing so well.  I am proud of you for sticking with your plan.  Most people have indicated that the withdrawal from sub is about two weeks - you are right at that point, so you really should start seeing some improvement daily now.  You will be amazed at how good you feel once this is all over - I am a completely different person since being off sub and everything else, including alcohol.  The RLS is a tough one - I have read that potassium does help, so eating bananas can help give you the most potassium, give it a try.  I actually have RLS - outside of withdrawal.  I don't have pain and I don't notice much twitching in bed, my symptoms were extreme daytime sleepiness.  I finally went to a sleep specialist and did an overnight sleep study - testing for sleep apnea since my dad and brother both have it pretty bad.  Good news was that I don't have apnea, but they did diagnose me with RLS.  I guess the RLS wakes me up just enough about 10 times per hour - so 60 - 70 times per night - I was not getting much sleep, but it was not waking me up to total consciousness.  I take Mirapex for the RLS - it works great, but that would not be something you would want to take for withdrawal caused RLS.  Check at the drug store, I have heard that there is some OTC remedies that work pretty well for RLS.  Keep moving forward and posting your progress - you are nearly there!
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What are the W/D I can expect from coming off Subs for only taking them for 4 days? Day 1 I took 12mgs of Sub (4mg every 4-6 hours) day 2 the same dose day 3- i took 8mg of sub and day 4 gonna only take 2mg figured there would be enough sub in my system for a couple of days to not crave the hydro's.  
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If you only took sub for 4 days, the withdrawal should not be much at all.  It takes about 21 days to get addicted to the sub.  You may still have some residual withdrawal through from the hydro, depending on what your dose was when you stopped - either way, it will be much easier than long term sub taking.  Good luck
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Thanks for the heads up.  i was taking alot of hydro's before I went on the subs.  One day I took up to 53 10/325mg tabs and the next day i took 27 of the horrible pills. Then I finally said thats enough and started on the subs, which i got from a med detox program i entered 2 months ago then I relasped. It seemed that I couldn't get high enough like my tolerance level got real high once I started the Subs.  I cannot believe I finished a 80 count script in less than 2 days.  Im not going back though thats it!!!! I dont want to die. The problem I am coming against is that my sister keeps asking for pills. She has a legitimate chronic back pain and her pain mgt doctor only perscribes her Lyrica and some other nerve medication.  I feel bad for her because she cannot afford the back surgery she desprately needs but if I get more pills I will end up taking them.  I told my sister, thats it more pills!!! I feed into this habit anymore. She isn't mad at me or anything she is just dealing with her chronic pain the best that she can.  Pray for her as well as for me. Thanks
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OMGI cant believe it's day 14 without and SUBS.. Yahooooooooooooo!
I had a pretty restless night, but I have a lot on my mind... But I did finally get to sleep.
Yesterday I felt the best I have in weeks.. Hopefully today will be even better.
Everyday is a Good day with out Vicodine or SUBS!
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Day 15. Im so proud of myself this morning.. These past 15 days have been both a blessing and a curse. So many days of pain, sleepness night. I came to believe that the WD's are ment to teach us a lesson. If thier where no WD's from our DOC, we would just continue on the same path. For myself the WD's where a blessing. I know I never want to go through them again. I just wish I would have never even started doing my doc.. The could of, would of, should of. I feel im a better person today then I was yesterday..
I have so much to be thankful for today.
Thank you all for the wonderful careing support that you have shown me. This message board has been my light at the end of a dark tunnel for me. Just knowing Im not a lone and that I have someone to cry to and share my deepest thoughts and fears with, I will be forever in your debit.
I love you all
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Hi fatema - so glad that you are doing better.  We all experience a real sense of reality when we are hit with the withdrawal pains.  The sad thing is that so many forget just how bad the withdrawal was and the compulsion to use is so strong - and they relapse.  It is important for you to have a good aftercare program - whether that is AA/NA meetings, some form of therapy, or even just this website.  Anything is better than nothing at all.  I am on this website nearly every day and it really helps me by supporting others - and getting support when I need it.  This is a good Christmas present for you - congratulations on your progress - keep in touch.  
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ive known people to go through suboxone withdraws for over a month its a slow process you have ween your self down slow and easy or it could put you in the hospital
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Today is day 28 with no subs.. What a rocky up and down road. Still not sleeping like before, and my rls still kick my butt starting around 3 in the afternoon.
Im so looking forward to a day with I wake up I feel refreashed and in the afternoon I dont have to cry from the RLS...
But all and All Im doing better....
Today everyday is a good day without SUBS
it lookis going to take a long time to do this, im on day 7 and I feel im dying, I hope I get better soon and I can do this
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Nice to hear from you fatema - glad that you are improving and are nearly a month off subs - congrats!  Hang tight, you are nearly there!  Thanks for the update.
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