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Substance Abuse Addiction

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I have a long story, but to put it shortly here goes. I drank a little bit before I found out I have Chronic Lymphocytic luekemia CANCER!!! I was using Oxycotone and worked through that and am coming off of suboxone. I have somehow decided I need to drink more often then I should I drink 4 shots of Jim Beam when I do. I have also Isolated myself from all of my friends and from my family somewhat. I want to be completely clean of any drugs and just worry about getting back to myself. I think my main issue is is depression and anxiety about the cancer coming back. I know I should be stronger but I don't know exactly how to get there. Any advice for me would go a long ways.
I also have a close friend who loss her husband to pain killers to alcohol, she described in detail what she went through when he died, and It is sounded aweful for her and him. I want to be able to support others, and get myself back to where I need to be.
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Nothing changes if nothing changes........
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