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Subutex- newborn in nicu!

I need some advice or someone to comment who has had experience with a newborn in the nicu for NAS from subutex. Its a very long story of course of how it started but ill get to the point instead. Ive been on subutex after i found out i was pregnant. I just had my baby on monday by csection. After 24 hrs he began showing signs of w/d. Tremors and sneezing... he was put in the nicu yesterday morning. He is now on morphine and supposed to wean down. The doctors arent giving me a straight answer as to how long this stressful process will be, they said each baby is different. I feel so guilt y and heartbroken. Im a single parent and this is my second child. Ive never experienced this before and im having a difficult time. I feel so guilty to even smile. Im supposed to pump breast milk for him but i dont understand why if im still taking the subutex.  I feel like its interferring with his treatment but they said no. I just dont knkw what to do!! I want my baby home and healthy!! Its all my fault and he doesnt deserve it:(  Does anyone have any similiar experiences!?! Please let me know! Thanks
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Hi Hun. He is getting the best care he can get in the nicu unit.
More than likely they want you to breast feed because it will help him with
The withdrawal symptoms. This is usually recommended.
Have you been pumping for him? Have you been able to hold him and feed him naturally?
Was he delivered full term?
Try to be patient. There really is no set time as to when he will be
Totally detoxed.
Are you home now?
How much subutex were you on when you delivered?
I will be praying for you and your baby,
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Hi im so sorry this has happened. Are they letting you hold your baby ?
Is he only showing 2 signs of withdrawals ?
If he is, im not understanding why their giving him morphine, usually its 3 symptoms or more before they interact with drugs.
Unless the tremors are very severe.
Im obviously not a doctor, but have had 6 children all born while i was using and am very familiar with the hospitals protocols.
But the doctors know better, so try and be stronh and prey for your little one.
Ive never had a baby show w/d symptoms, out of pure luck but i feel your pain and know your scared right now.
They may keep him in for 1 week till w/d's are subsided.
Your in the best hands possible for your young one.
Hopefully someone can answer you soon with experience.
Please stay positive, the doctors know what their doing.
If your aloud, give him lots of cuddles and make sure he is wrapped tight so he feels secure and dont let his arms or legs flap or jump around.
Sing to him and rub his temple.
Hopefully the doctors dont have the light on or curtain open as this sets off w/d or makes w/d worse for him.
Breast milk is still best for babies even when mum is still on subutex, because the benefits still far outweigh the negatives.
Take care, well done on your precious baby xx
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Hi, thank you so much for the responses!! I delivered by csection at 39 weeks. He came out 7lbs, 12.3 ounces. I was prescribed 16 mgs the whole pregnancy but i didnt take that exact dose all the time. I tried my best to take less. I am able to hold and feed him. He was having alot of tremors, sneezing, crying and sucking. It isnt always those 4 but its mainly the sneezing and tremors. I dont like that he has to take morphine or be there at all because of me but i know the staff are familiar with this and will help him. I am just terrified and sad. It breaks my heart. I did breast feed and punp him already but some doctors say it isnt good and others say it is. I feel like it isnt because his body is trying to work without the subutex and im giving it back to him. It just sounds like i would be prolonging the process. I was warned that there was a 50/50 chance he would have withdraw, i was just hoping he would be an exception. Its so hard, especially when most of my family and friends have no idea why hes not home.:(  Thank u ladies for responding back, i greatly appreciate it!
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Oh honey, my heart is breaking for you.
He will be home with you, before you know it.
Its a good idea to give bubbys who w/d a pacifier because they tend to suck so much as your little one is, or even just sucking on your finger.
It will relax him so much more while he is going through this.
Dont dwell on the past honey, it will only upset you. You cant fix this, but you can comfort the situation.
Your there with him and your the only person in the world who can settle him down and bring him comfort.
Its not the ideal situation for both of you, but your love for him will get you through and the good lord will get bubby through. I firmly believe this.
I wish you could tell your family so they can support you. But your decision not to tell them has to be respected.
Please keep updating us, bless you and that darling of yours, much love xx
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Thank u so much!! I do love him with everything ive got and im trying to be strong through this. I love being able to console him and nurture as my as they allow me. They reccommend parents to be there all of the time because theyve noticed it makes the recovery faster. That will be the struggle. I dont drive, alot of my family and friends dont have cars. The hospital is only a bus ride away but i know i wont be able to go every single time. I still am a mom of a 4 year old and i have appointments coming up for myself. I feel so bad i wont be able to go. The visitors list is just parents and grandparents. So me and my mother because i dont know his othet family :(  Yes, keep praying for us Please!! Thank You!! Xoxo
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Theres also another big problem. The father of the baby hasnt seen him or called me sinxe monday when he was born. I dont know whats wrong with him and it pisses me off. Well, he keeps calling today and i havent answered. He never knew about the meds the whole nine months. We werent close or even talked that much. He has a girlfriend who he tells all my business too so i stopped telling him things. How do i tell him about the baby? My mom thinks i shouldnt because he might use it against me in the future. Smh so sad because i wish it was different and i want him to see his child but he isnt mature enough to not give me ********. Ive been ignoring him but how much longer can i do this? Smh theres no other explanation for the baby being in the nicu for so long. And ill be damned if someone tries to take my baby from me!!!! So stressed Out!!! :(
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