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Subutex not working help

Hi so I've been using herion for a month. I was previously addicted. I went to stop and have taken 16mg of subutex. It hasn't really helped at all. Do I need to take more? Or am I having a physical problem with the subutex?
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hey there. How are things going?  This sounds like a hard time and I'd love to talk to you.  Come back and let us know how it is going. They stay away from dosing here because each person is different.  Like many things, you have the issue of getting through the moment but also need to think big picture. You need support for this.  How to deal with the emotional/mental health aspect?  Let's talk about this, okay? We're here.
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You cannot take suboxone?
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We are not supposed to give advice on how much/what to take to withdraw.  I do know Subutex isn't going to help with cravings.  Perhaps you need to see a professional and have them taper you?  
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