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Subutex or Methadone....

Hi I'm just wanting advice.. I am on a subutex prescription at the moment but have relapsed for a few months now and I'm struggling getting back on my tablets so i was wondering wether to go back on a methadone script. Because you don't have to wait to go in to withdrawals with methadone? Any advice is much appreciated.
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Hey Bonny, I recognized your name so I looked back at your last post. You've been struggling for a while. Going back between subs and methadone isn't going to help you; you're just kicking the can down the road. Maybe you need inpatient? Something to think about. Withdrawl is completely unavoidable no matter heroin, subs or methadone. I guess it's a matter of how badly do you want to be free and what are you willing to do.
Hi and thanks for your reply, yes I have been struggling for a while now and I just keep trying to think of ways that will help me kick the heroin it's just the withdrawals frighten me as I can't let anybody know why I will be feeling so rubbish so this is why I'm trying to find underwear lingerie lesbians partners: https://tr.im/nPbzgays around nit feel rubbish and kicking the heroin at the same time. This is a lot to hope for I know :-( I think I'm just going to stick my me subutex and hope for the best in just not sure when would be the best time to start them, I'm thinking to wait time I feel rubbish then take the 8mg then maybe have a bit of heroin after the sub just to ease the withdrawals then just stick to the subutex after then. I don't know I'm just thinking of ways to reduce feeling **** in the first few days really :-/
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Hi well the best thing is kick right where your at......sub and methadone are the 2 hardest to get off off  it is often like going from the frypan into the fire....if you do decide to go threw with ether just keep it short and at the lowest possible dose  I went on the methadone  and would up on mmt for almost 7yrs
  it took a good 90 days to begin to recover  it was hands down the worst kick I ever had   best off to stay away from both these drugs
Hi and thanks for your comment but I couldn't possibly kick heroin without some sort of help.. I was on a subutex script but I'm not no more I just have a lot of spares from when I didn't take them when I'd stupidly relapsed. So maybe it's a thought to try and reduce my self and at my own speed. Yes I'm not going to go back to the meths coz I wouldn't be doing my self any favours it would be like taking steps back when I really need to be moving forward. Thanks.
Hi there. Im in Canada and I see you are in the U.K. so things might be a bit different.  Have you ever tried suboxone?  It's like subutext only it also contains naloxone, an opiate antagonist, naloxone is the drug given for an overdose.  It might be something for you to look into if you can get it over there and if you are serious about quitting.  I understand I am limited to information I can give so I will suggest you google it.  I will also stress that this is only if you are serious about quitting, no doing a bit of heroin to help you the first few days.  You CANNOT use on suboxone, and you must be in withdrawal to start taking it.  It's being used a lot over here these days and has been good for keeping people from relapsing because you cannot use while you are on it.  Like I said though, you have to be serious about not using, so take a moment by yourself and seriously think about what you want.  Sometimes we think we want to quit because it's what expected, but if we are really honest with ourselves, we find we may not be ready.  If you are serious, it may be worth it to discuss suboxone with your doctor.  Good luck to you and even if you find you may not be ready to quit, don't worry, you will get there. Just please be safe and take care of yourself until you do get clean.
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