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?Successful Suboxone sobriety? Plz help me

I'm a long term subs user 3years gone from 6mg to now down to 1mg. Trying to get as low as possible before jumping. Need to jump asap. Have little less than a month.

Any1 that's gone through longterm Suboxone detox successfully, and is now sober. Could you'll please answer me a few personal questions, that I'm trying to get answers on. That I think a lot of sub users wanna know, But are hard to find.  I Know everyone is different but looking to sort of be practical here. Prepare for the worst and except the best.! Hate reading the horror story's, I stop reading once it goes bad to worst. But I need some postive outcomes, if there's any?

How long we're u on the subs?  Long term??? Or short term
And how long on opioids in general?
How low on the subs before u jumped?
How many nights did u go before finally falling asleep?
How long did it take for that awful depression stage to pass, If it has?
Is your Natural energy back?
Do you feel like your old self again, yet?  How long until u did?
Like self motivation, laughing, just overall feeling of living in the moment again, happyness, etc..  

Living in the moment again, Not feeling like a living zombie is what's the biggest motivation for myself for this sobriety.
Anyone reading this, Your time is So SO Very Much Appreciated.  
AND CONGRATS TO YOUR SOBRIETY, may not know ya but know what u had to do to get where ur at. So Mad props!!!!
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1. 6 years
2. Was on opiots (percs being the strongest) for about 3 years
3. Got down to .05 and jumped
4. Have not had any trouble sleeping
5. No depression, actually felt more depressed being on sub
6. Didnt see any changes in energy since i jumped. Im not running marathons but I never did, I feel fine.
7. I dont quite feel like my old (sober) self yet....im sure it will get better with time....my sex drive disapeared, but thats been for a while now, so Im hoping it will reappear now that im off :)     For the first time in a long time, Im looking forward to the future and all of the things I can do now that im sober and not being held back from because of sub. Though, there is no question, sub helped me stay clean for the last six years.
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Ok, here goes:
1. Was on the subs for over 6 years.
2. Was on opiates between 6/7 years.
3. Week between christmas and new years I tapered from 16/24 mg to 0 mg and went cold turkey.Jan 1st.
4. It was almost 3 weeks before I got any real sleep, just got small napa here and there.
5. The depression comes and goes...but that major ****, in the beginning, was about 30 days, then it got a little better. Slowly!
6. No, my normal energy is not back, but it is getting better. I don't think I remember what normal feels like is the problem? I can do what I have to do, but I'm not running any marathons, lol.
7. Going to n/a has given me the best chance of staying clean long term. This **** us hard, I'm not trying to sugarcoat it, I was glad when someone who quit like I did told me the truth. At least it let me know what I was feeling was normal. Good luck, keep posting.
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