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Supplements and Side Effects

I just today bought the supplements 5HTP, Glutamine, Vit C Bcomplex, came hope and took recommneded dose.  UGH, an hour later, my symptoms are worse, in addition to all the others I am so nausious, and  now have a headache. I have thrown up for the past 30 minutes. I guess i probaly made a mistake by taking all at once and not eating just before. Is this the problem? or could I be having a bad reaction to one of them?
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how many days clean r u?   taking a bunch of vitamins on an empty stomack makes me sick even now...if u r in ur first few days then it is not a good idea to take a bumch at one time   5htp is not known to make people sick and i take it every night as it makes me sleepy  100 mgs....never have thrown up afterwards tho....eat first but u should be able to tolerate vitamins unless u always get sick easily or it is ur first few days clean....

Glutamine may not be one of the most important aminos to take as it is the ost widely available in ur bloodstream of all of the aminos..if u take it i would not take a bu11 load of it unless u r an athlete or something...5htp can be taken 3 x a day at 100 mg but for many sleepiness is a problem so taking 100-200 mg at night is an option/also 5htp combined with 800mg of magnesium and a dose of st johns wort is good for pain and relaxation/recommended for fibromyalgia
the 5htp and B complex are great choices, C is good to keep ur immune system going as detox can make us weak and get sick easily...a calcium/magnesium supp is good at night for anxiety and sleep..a good multi with zinc and iron/iron helps with rls...and if u want energy and try and get ur dopamine levels working tyrosine in phenylalanine are great/tyrosine especially at 2000-3000 mgs 2-3 x a day...theanine is great for anxiety but also has an energizing quality and is what is in true green tea...5htp and SAMe/methionone are good for depression as they increase seratonin levels..GABA helps with sleep as well if it is an issue...glutamine is a great amino but never one i concentrated on.....be sure and eat if u r gonna take a bunch of supps at once and remember ur body can only absorb so much at one time so spacing them out into 3 doses is best or u r wasting them as u can not absorb them  
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ummmm yeah you need to take them with food .Your stomach is already so upset so all of the supplements can be a bit much .The supplements take time to build up in your system as well before you start to feel better .Try again tommrow with  a meal.
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Bless you both for the help, I'll keep trying.....
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