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Ok... in preparation for my tapering I bought a lot of the supplements mentioned in the Thomas Recipe and elsewhere.  I know that when and how you take them can make a big difference. Here is what I have. Please feel free to suggest when to take them or any to add or not to take together.

L - tyrosine (I know the least about this one)
A mega multivitamin (it's not that high in some things so I also added these)
B- complex (big 150) time release
D3 (my blood test said I'm low on this and potassium)

I also bought a big pill sorter so I can keep visual tabs on my tapering as well as organizing the supplements.   Today I officially drop from 6 fioricet w/ 30mg codeine to 5. Doesn't sound like much but it is for me. We'll see how it goes before I drop to 4.
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To clarify. .. I'm just asking about supplements and what has worked for others...not specifics on tapering or medical advice. I actually have a masters in biology and teach that as well as anatomy. ..but I know research only tells us so much. Personal experiences are important too.
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I started all my vitamins and suppliments during my taper, my thinking was to build up a strong support system.Also eating healthy(worked for me)
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Thanks. I'm particularly wondering if L - tyrosine is better in the morning or later. The bottle doesn't have any suggestion.  Same for the other supplements.  I need to feel decent to work. ..not sluggish or jittery/anxious.
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L-tyrosine is to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, b-12 as well(worked for me)
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I had a nasty pain pill addiction, without researching methadone , in July of 2014 started clinic administered methadone.after about a month my dose was up to 50 mgs. My research convinced me I wanted nothing t do with this crap, and started a taper while takink vitamins suppliments and a healthy diet. My last dose was dec.14,2014 I had a little struggle but I do not want to be hooked to opiates at 60 years old.Doing well bad RLS some stomach issues.
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I have been taking a multi vitamin, D-3, B12, C and Calcium...
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Definitely add a magnesium/calcium/zinc one too. I believe there is one that is the 3. I would recommend fish oil too. Liquid if you can. I go to Fruitful yield.
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Ok... I just finished filling my pill sorter for the next 7 days. I put only 5 of my fiorcet w/codeine for each day (spread out)…

- Morning (before food) is 1000mg L-tyrosine
- Later morning (with food) is B-complex and potassium
- Evening meal is my multi-vitamin and D3. It has the calcium, magnesium and zinc but when I buy more potassium I will get the one with all 3 as they are not very high.
- Bedtime is when I take my blood pressure medicine

Merri... when would you take the fish oil?

Wow... I feel all prepared and hopeful!!!!
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I take it 2-3 times a day so morning and afternoon would work. Doesn't really matter.

I also have a magnesium oil spray. I think it is made by life-flo. Got it Tom fruitful yield but any vitamin store would have it. It is great. Run into into my stomach for constipation. Or on my legs at night.
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Rub onto not run into. Sorry phone.
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I didn't know that magnesium was absorbable through the skin. I'll have to check it out. I do have issues with deep bone and muscle aches at times...but was never sure how much is due to some medical issue or just my brain wanting more pills. I guess I'll find out as I get clean of the pills.
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I have been waiting on the L-Tyrosine to come in the mail and was wondering if it helped anyone threw their detox that way I would have something to look forward to
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Sounds like you are all set to start your detox!  How many days are you giving yourself to get off the fioricet?  Are you dropping one a day or just waiting to see how you feel?  Tapering is hard....thats what I tried to do....going from hydro to codeine to taper....after 2 weeks I just flushed them and said the heck with it!  But you need to do what is right for your body!!!!  Keep on posting it really helps!!!!  We are routing for you!!!!  
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Fioricet plain or with codeine must always be tapered so it's great you're doing this. Be sure to go very slowly with your taper.

I would add some Vit C to the mix. Also, soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salts works wonders for bone and muscle pain. The magnesium in the salts is absorbed through the skin.

Magnesium is calming to the system and you'll need it as you get lower in your taper. You can take it with Ltheanine which is also very good for the nervous system. I take these two daily.

Good luck getting off the Fioricet. I think it's a bear and you'll feel better without it.
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Dozeman... I picked up my L - tyrosine at the local health supplement chain store along with the D3 and B complex.  I'm not sure but I think I already feel a little less depressed.  I've had a very hard time dealing with the grief of losing my husband and though it's been 1 and a half years it still hurts a lot. But maybe some of that was also the low vitamin D.

Cricket I'm scared to cold turkey the fioricet as it can cause seizures. If I could take 2 weeks off and if I still had my husband or another adult here with me I would think of trying it. I don't though.  So here is my plan...

I've organized all the supplements to take everyday and will give them a week to kick in. During that time I will concentrate on stretching out my normal 6-8 to 5-6. I want to go down to 5 a day for a month. ...4 some days maybe. Then the next month will be 3-4. I know I will have to listen to my body as I have to stay functional. I teach and my goal is to completely stop during spring break or summer break at the latest. By then I should be low enough not to worry about the seizure risk so much. I'm not doing more than my prescribed amount now and I'm not doctor shopping or getting anything from outside sources. I also don't want to add xanex or anything to the mix for the anxiety so I think this is this best route for me. I think mine is purely a physical dependance due to taking it so long...but that still means withdrawal and I HATE withdrawal....but not as much as I hate counting pills and the run around of refills. I want to enjoy my life again without worrying about being in a panic over whether my refill will be late.
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Vicki... my super multi has 150mg of C (250%)... How much more would you suggest? I will get the salts or magnesium spray/oil on my next health store run.
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That's not very much...I take 500mg tablets and I take 3 per day but that's just me. Long ago I researched this and found that the recommended daily amount of Vit C is just barely enough to keep us from scurvy! That's when I increased my dose.  You can check into this but it's such an important vitamin and functions in so many systems that taking 250-500mg per day will help and that is the label recommendation.

I was addicted to Fioricet plain for years and found that the slow taper worked well. The wd's were much more tolerable and the rebound headaches under control.  As far as Xanax is concerned, it's not wise to take it. It works on the same brain receptors as Fioricet and you need to heal those receptors and get them working naturally again.

I'm happy to help in any way given my experience although I think you're doing things perfectly right now. How are you mentally? Do you feel as though you'll miss the drug?  It sounds like you're just fed up with the process and that will be a great motivator to stop.  Let me know if I can answer any questions or offer any other advice-
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I am very sick of the process and feeling limited by... do I have my pills? Is it time to call for a refill? Are they going to screw up again and I'll have to go without over a weekend? Having to plan trips so that the refill doesn't fall in the middle.  I mean I have to refill my blood pressure meds but I don't start having an anxiety attack if I'm running low on those. ... plus with those the pharmacist will always advance a few if there is a refill problem even if I'm out of state.

Last month I had to go 2 days without because the pharmacist screwed up. The month before they had to do a partial fill because they didn't have enough in stock so I had to pick up the remainder a few days later. Well when it came time to refill the pharmacist on duty said that I couldn't pick up my refill for 2 more days. I said no...That was the date when I'd picked up the remainder, not the day I started the script. He said "sorry" we have to go by the last date. I said that didn't make any sense as the fact that you gave me the remainder 2 days later didn't add any extra pills...but I quit arguing as I realized he didn't care and probably thought he was teaching some addict a lesson. I hate when pharmacists think they know better than your doctor. Anyway... I went back 2 days later. A different pharmacist was on duty and he admitted that the other one had been wrong.

Long story short.... yeah... I'm tired of all that game.
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I'd recommend a good ammino acid supplement in combination with a high protein low-fat diet along with what you already have listed.
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Thanks Ben... I need a diet change anyway so that works for me on more than one level.

As for the amino acids... I've started the L-tyrosine... which of the others are useful and why?
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Yes, L-Tyrosine is one that is associated with neurotransmitters and certainly a good one to take. Amino acids are important for cellular growth and healing. The process of detox can be thought of as a process of healing and aminos can assist in that process. There's a school of thought around how addicts have deficiencies in various molecules that aminos can help restore, but I'm not sold on that one. I am confident that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and that protiens are the building blocks of our cells. hope that helps!
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You are correct... that is what is referred to as the "holy trinity" of biology.  DNA is transcribed and translated to string together amino acids in certain patterns... the amino acid strings form proteins and other substances... these are used to build everything from enzymes and neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) to the structures of cells. Our bodies can't make the amino acids. We have to take them in as food or supplements. Normally our nerve cells in the brain and elsewhere use certain ones to construct neurotransmitters (nts).  These are responsible for communicating between nerve cells to transmit thoughts, movement, pain, pleasure, memories, speech, breathing,  etc. There is a different neurotransmitter for everything.  Narcotics mimic certain nts (especially the pleasure ones like dopamine and serotonin) and take their place. Eventually the nerve cells will stop making their own since the narcotics make them assume there are already enough. When we cut back or stop the narcotics it can take quite a good while for the cells to start doing on their own again.  Some drugs like ecstasy if used continuously for a long time may even permanently cause cells to make less serotonin. They recover some but not completely. As far as I know this doesn't apply to opiates but much is still unknown.
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