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Surgery six months ago. Day 4 for me again.

Yep. Been taking pills since February. Surgery in April. Some prescribed. Lots not.
Some of story. Was a painful surgery, still is actually but now I am taking Motrin only, it still hurts Iike hell and supposedly it takes up to a year from some people to heal but I decided the narcs were not really curing it so might as well not drag it on any longer. Money was getting tight, pain in the azz lining it up, all the usual suspects. Went down the whole road. Didn't get crazy out of control like I always had in the past but it it was daily usage.
So for the past 5 months, pretty much my entire summer and spring I have been making sure I didn't go over board (for long anyway) which has caused me to be in an almost constant state of withdrawal with the ups and downs of my dosage. Get out of hand a few days, spend the weekend in pain cutting back. It's been a fiatch of a summer. But I finally manage to cut back to 7.5 Percocet a day for a few days and jumped Friday. Not the super acute WD but like I said, I have been WD since the beginning of summer so if you add it all up its not much better. Plus I am actually sick right now so everything feels worse. Anyone who said to jump while actually sick is crazy. Anyway I'm doing ok on day 4. Not really but whatever. I'll get through it. Always do. I had like 6-7 months clean before the surgery. I'll get back there and more.
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Yay!  Detroit is representing Medhelp today. Welcome back!

What better time to embrace the horror right? The Lions are 1-7, the Tigers are never gonna get the pitching to be relevant. Some random guy has a GoFundMe account to buy the Lions....

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. In all seriousness, welcome back.  It sounds like you know the drill here. What kind of surgery did you have if you don't mind me asking?
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I feel your pain been there done that , I gave up my sport to save myself form further injury and the pain med train. my problem was I have the go big or go home issue and im no superstar I paid the price I wish you the best because like I said been there done that..
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Hey there,
You've come a long way.  Sounds like you're sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Hope you stick around and post if you need help.
I had almost given up on you.  Good for you.
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I was wondering where YOU have been.

Well, YOU know the drill because you have been down this road a few time. Just want to wish you the Best and Stick around for Support..Also get out here and Support others along the way. Glad you are back..Back2Me

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Oh, man. Are you the same who wrote that HILARIOUS diatribe when you withdrew from heroin about smelling like a dirty goat? My friend, it's nice to see you. You've been at this for sooo long. What about aftercare? You HAVE to, to avoid being back here yet again.

Hope you stick around.
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Lol yeah that's me.
Not such a dirty goat like before (nothing could ever compare to that nightmare).
I told one of my fellow shooters at the times who was also struggling to quit about me just going CT he called me a fu$&"ng barbarian!
But thanks for brining that up I almost forgot how bad that part was! Not feeling too bad today on morning 5. It's been kind of a tuff summer tho I'm not going to lie. Gained more weight, didn't do much active stuff, surgery still hurts,  hate my job, money tight again, boo hoo lol.
But I don't feel to bad on day five from what I like to call my 8 month taper. Which basically means I did enough to be addicted but didn't go into super hog wild mode. If that makes any sense.
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Ha, good! I'm glad you remember. So, listen, what kind of help are you looking by posting on here now? Are you looking for ways to STAY clean?
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