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so as some of you know i have been clean for 9 days now. i am so proud of myself. yesterday i was around someone with oxy's and guess what, i didn't do any. as a matter of fact they ask me if i wanted to do some and i said no, ive quit. i told them i would appreciate it if they didn't ask me ever again. can you believe that.  thanks again for all the support
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congrats on staying strong in a sticky situation!  hard to do but u did it!  takes alot of guts and discipline to do that so early on..u should be proud  (:
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Hey, congrats. One MAJOR battle down!!! guess what tomorow, you will be 10 days clean...amazing!!!!
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i am very new here and my day 1 will be monday. just wanted to say congrats to you and your 9 days!!!!  you should very proud for turning them down, that is when you know you are ready for this. keep on trucking!! you will be in my prayers.  this site is a god send for all of us    i cant even explain!
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