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THIS is what's aging me??????

Today is day 7 of being off vicodin and I've been on here like crazy posting, reading, etc.  It is somewhat helping me get through this.  I was reading right now on here and there were things about how these pain meds can make dark circles under your eyes?  Age you?  I'm sitting with chills, tears in my eyes, is this what's really making me look so much older?  really?  I'm shocked...I would have never imagined.  My weight gain since being on them is obsurd and I always blamed it on them because when I take them I'd rather just "chill" instead of counting calories and work out.  I thought these dark circles, and just plain ol' looking older was due to my daughter! LOL   I really became an addict very soon after she was born so that's what I always contributed it to.  Stress, lack of sleep, no time to myself, etc. But now I don't think so....hummmmm...I'm so upset and sad now to learn this.  I haven't had much motivation to not get my next refill but I don't know, maybe this is it?????   W O W !!!!!
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hello and well done and yes you are so right.... these meds do age us and we just dont realise!! it wasnt until the first few days of my cleaning up that I noticed because the meds were coming out of my every pore!!! my eyes sunk in and my skin looked pasty and then I had breakouts.. it was yuk!! my friend came to see me today (its my 12th day today) and she had not seen me since the first few days when she saw how bad I looked.. today she said that I looked how I did 10 years ago..that made my day hugely.. so to all those vain people out there... meds DO age you.. and you do look like a wreck... even my hair has a shine to it!! must be all the vits and bananas now.. its the key to longevity!!! try not to get your refill, if you are on 7 days now then you are doing great and dont need them!! good luck and keep posting!!
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No, don't get them!!!  You are on day 7, you have almost got this thing beat.  Please don't take that step backwards.
I have been on methadone since last April...I have gained like 25 lbs., I have never gained like this...it is sad.  A girl at the clinic who started around the same time has gained 45 lbs..  If we had not started detoxing so long ago, I would have gained much more.  Aside from the obvious of women not liking weight gain, it is unhealthy.  I even noticed like little fat lumps under my skin...YUCK!!!
I am looking very forward to the physical rewards as well!
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It sounds like you have been considering getting a refill.....Do NOT get the refill-call the pharmacy right now and cancel the darn thing!! Do it now. You don't need that hanging over your head to come back and bite ya' in a moment of weakness. These pills age us immensely-fight back and get your life back!
I'm on day 53 without the pills and I look (and feel) 100 times better. You will lose the black circles under your eyes. Your skin will start to look a lot better too. You will have a nice healthy color to your complexion versus the pasty, pale I'm-a-drug-addict shade of white that tends to happen while actively using.
Plus, once you're off the drugs you tend to get moving more-and more excercise means we are healthier-which will make up look and feel better.
Cancel the refill and stay strong,
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A male friend brought it to my attention...I have always looked years younger than i am....he was right..he did not know I was using but knew something was wrong...I aged significantly during my 2-3 years of use...your liver is on overload and cant function properly to give you the utrients and things you need...I was getting puffy in my face and my skin on my hands was really wrinkling up...alot is reversible with good skin care and vitamins...glycolic acid has helped get my skin back in shape...i can tell a difference already on day 12...my dad said "YOu look so good....everywhere..cant put my finger on it" after church this morning...made me fell so good...i also went and had my hair toned down to my natural color...i was too blonde...rambling
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I started taking vicodin along time ago for chronic back pain. I didn't realize it at the time but after the first few weeks they were numbing more than just physical pain, life seemed better all the way around, what a ruse. They really did help and didn’t get in my way, I received an advanced degree and used my talents to make many contributions to my company. My Dr was making noises that he would soon stop prescribing so I decided to stop to see if I could, so far so good. When it comes down to it, You have to deside to stop and not go back.

I have always had problems with weight, but while on vicodin I was able to focus and lose 60 pounds, I need to refocus on weight control…..LOL The people here will help you, especially when you don’t know where to turn or need that little extra support. Good luck and keep up the effort
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I can relate so much to what you just said...Please don't get your refill, day 7 is hugh..
But i want you to know that you will be so surprised after you are clean and the toxins are out, how fast you will look better..
I have always been a person that took pride in the my apperance..And i did not realize how bad i was looking, same as you , dark circles, skin terrible.....And now it is gone, and beleive me when u stop you will notice a hugh difference....I have had people ask me if i had changed make-ups because my skin looked so different...SO one more reason to stay clean!!!!!
Please continue with your clean days, and leave that pills at the pharmacy!!
good luck
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Thank you.  Not sure if I'm ready to call the pharamcy and cancel that refill quite yet...sorry, being honest.  

As vain as it sounds this is a huge motivator for me, probably the largest yet.  It's funny but when ever I've felt like **** from wd every single person family, friends, co-workers all day..."you look great!"  Usually it's followed with "you're glowing, are you pregnant?" LOL but I never associated the two...who knew?

I'm starting to get a headache...still my mind won't stop focusing on how much I need vicodin...going to try and get through this so I can put another notch in my belt of another day down.  Oh how I wish this day was over already!
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don't focus on tomorrow. focus on making it through this hour and then the next. it's a lot less overwhelming that way. also-don't worry about the future. don't 'wait' for that notch in the belt-it makes the day drag. just tell yourself you 'will' get that notch and then occupy yourself with the here and now.
like i was telling wasted04 and gizzy on another post-go get many pounds of celery and chop it into teeny, tiny pieces. it is incredibly theraputic and very inexpensive. time yourself now...keep practicing and time yourself in two weeks. the time it takes you to chop 20 pounds of celery into oblivion will be cut in half with some practice.
i vote you head out and buy at least five pounds of celery. no piece can be bigger than 1 mm in thickness.
everytime you feel like taking a pill-grab 10 stalks  of celery and start chopping. you have to pay attention so you don't cut your fingers off-and it is a great feeling hacking something to pieces. imagine the celery is your addiction and go to town on it.
i'm not insane----go to the grocery store now----get the celery-------
stay strong.
you need to cancel that refill soon-perhaps the celery method will give you strength
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i meant no piece can be bigger than 1 mm when you are done chopping it up
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are you sure you are not insane?
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LOL  Well I've learned a lot of **** on here about how to get through it or make yourself feel better but this whole celery thing is something else!  If anything it got me to laugh out loud!!!!  Too funny!  I am planning on going to the grocery store and maybe I'll buy a few stalks and just laugh as I'm chopping it.
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Gotta agree, you know, the look is definitely visible that you have stopped, as you
clear your system and look better.  I always too, looked much younger than I was.
That stopped when I got stuck on codeine/tylenol.  Then people would guess my age
bang on.  I can be kinda vain, not happy about that, even being a guy.  So that got
me thinking more.  Also, since I'm about at 2 months off, I have noticed many positive
changes slowly happening.  I'm getting tests back that may indicate some benefits I
hope.  Anyway, it will make you look better.  Think of any picture of heroin addicts on
TV or something you've seen, and when they are clean, it's like they regenerated.  So
can you.  Your cells replicate every year, some every day and week and month.  You
are what you ingest.

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Oh, and I forgot, but if your meds have acetominophen, that drug adversely affects
your *eyes*, *liver*, *lungs*, and possibly *nerve tissue*.  Much of this is findable on
Medline and so forth.  Studies show it reducing liver glutathione which is the substance
that detoxifies your liver and if it's low or gone, you got a problem.  That's how alcohol
can kill acetominophen users.  The Glutathione detox's other things.  Protect your liver
with Milk Thistle and NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine).

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