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I want to know some of your new  harmless addictions that you enjoy in life  now that your living life without substance abuse. For me    HOT SHOWERS  (who knew just how calming they could be anytime day or night)        CROSSSTITCH  love it love it   (and crochet too)    Shopping at JOANNES  (craft store) with my daughter.      Please just throw me out a little list    I am actually excited to hear some!!   :)  
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We just bought our sons a new puppy for Christmas.. actually went an picked her up on my birthday.. so this new little life in my house has been wonderful for me.. she is only 7 weeks old but knows if I am feeling bad or good... she has been a wonderful distraction when I am feeling bad.. who knew.. pets really do help .. lol
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Photography Rocks !! Travel, Camping lets just say Outdoors anything (with my dogs:) Congrats on discovering there is more to life then burying ourselves in drugs ! lesa
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I spend 11 to 12 hours a week at the gym,my sex life is back to amazing TMI sorry,you asked lol.
And I am now addicted to the computer.
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Okay,here's my list:

Yoga,sex,swimming,sex,cooking,sex,keeping my friends close.Oh,and sex.

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You guys are GREAT!!   So glad to hear your comments...keep em' comin!!     Hope my sex desires come back like you all   :)
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Art (i used to love to draw then i just forgot about it in my addiction). Taking my dogs for walks(i used to run but cant run now, not related), Being with family, Music ( i listen daily to distract me), And craftsmanship (I've done many projects in my house and some for others, plan to start re-tiling rest of house tomorrow ). I'm only 5 days clean but feel great already.
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I'm right with you. this is my day 5 also. thanks for your list!!
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Besides this forum, which I am SO very thankful for, I am totally admitting here and now: I am addicted to NetFlix. I know that there is a monthly fee and I'm sure you're looking (as we all are) for something you can do for no monthly fee...I would suggest your local library, as I know mine is a good one with good DVDs and a good selection of books, I love to be silly with my son, find good documentaries to watch on tv or online, I love to walk, but this time of year it gets hard with 6 inches of snow on the ground, lol, but I've heard many people like to go to the mall to walk (may be too tempting to shop though!!), I'm also a music nut, so either putting on some music and just being mellow, or dancing with my son, or even finding new music I like can always be fun!! You are so on to the hot shower thing, too bad we get pruney, right!? Hope some of this helps! I'm on day 5 as well (I've had a long battle on and off for years, was just recently taking meds as rx'd but flushed them after I was tempted to take more than rx'd) so let's do this together!
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lol Vicki!  go girl :)  I am single so I am sure that one day that will be my most favorite hobby too. ~grin~

For now, loud, LOUD, LOUD hard music that I work out by...music and exercise definately are the top 2.  I have been playing with my 80lb. dog alot more too..am sure she is wondering what is up with "mom."

As soon as I get the money, I want to join the gym, can't wait.

Carpe Diem!
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na/aa meetings, shopping, crocheting. i even made sausage balls and pigs n a blanket tonight. i wouldnt even cook while taking pills. now i am gonna turn in to a sausage ball because i have eaten so many.
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Laughter.  And I mean the real kind of laughter - the one that makes your stomach hurt from laughing so hard.  So wonderful to have that back!
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This probably sounds silly...but it brings tears to my eyes to read all these things, that your living and doing and smiling. Thank you Thank you for your lists.    keep em'comin"              towant to be normal:  Listen you can take away my drugs, my car, possibly my house but  was there life before netflix....I don't think so!!                 To dede2121:  my family would be so in love with me if I started a real relationship with sausage.....you go girl with the cookin!!      :)
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What I enjoy the most now is laying down in bed at the end of the day knowing that the time spent with my kids throughout the day was the "real me" and not some "numbed up me".
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Criminal Minds the TV show!! I just love Spencer I could listen to him all day long he is so smart and now I remember all the stuff he says the next day!! My husband has refound his love of music. Which is great it was so sad we went to the Bob Marley tribute show here is Pittsburgh with ALL the Marley brothers it was so awesome I cried. He love Bob and used to have dreadlocks down to his butt (he's as white as can be haha) but he was so messed up on pills he fell asleep and missed it all. But he has been downloading all kinds of stuff for his MP3 and walks around the house singing. We love it and so do the kids.

I look forwarding to walking with the kids again. Once its not -10 here anymore!!
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Walking and jogging 3 to 4 miles per day knowing that perhaps it won't help but it certainly won't hurt.     Posting and surfing the net just like here.     Watching Judge Judy since it amazes me how some people go out of their way to defend their really weak case in public while looking like an idiot.    It's also fascinating to watch some of these people behave so badly toward others and not realize they could do so much better by just being pleasant to others.
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Playing with my grandsons,and really enjoying life.
For the first time in 20 years or more feeling as though I am part of life,not just existing but living.
And as vicki says sex,sex,and more sex  lol

It will come back to all who are just starting their recovery,something to look forward to.

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just wanted to bump this up the list....thanks guys!!     N
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Being able to hold my wife and feel the electricity I did before I became an oxy zobie.
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