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Lee Ann~~   I'm so happy and so proud of you!  Thank you for sharing your strength,wisdom,and humor,every single day!!!   You're just great!!
Love you!!
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Hi Tramhater,
Way to go. One day plus one day plus one day adds to six months. The calender knows what to do, but it doesn't come easy. You have worked hard.No one this earth can get through 6 months without some challenges begging to feed your addiction.
You remained strong and now have time under your belt (where did that saying come from? Only thing under my belt is chips and salsa from a work trip in San Antonio).
Anyway, just wanted to tell you,  I see you are driven to stay clean first because you've found love for yourself and your sobriety AND second because you've found a bunch of people that need your light of hope (that would be me....).
You want aLL of us here on the board to follow your path. Your actions, words, and honesty have helped us to take hold of your strong arm when we feel slippery. Plus you are a very good listener! Electronically speaking - I mean... listening... :>
Thank you and keep being awesome!! Six MONTHS. MONTHS!!! hugs n hugs, Lindsay
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Oh and thank you Vicki for starting this thread so we can all know....
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Thank you all so much! I'm in the car now, but I will post when I'm home later!
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Congrats Trama- you are an inspiration and I cant wait to post Bucksfan is 30 days clean much less 6 months!
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Congrats on those 6 months clean, that is a big milestone. You have come so far, keep helping others here like you do:)
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Hi, I haven't been here long, but I really wanted to say Congratulations on your clean time!!!  Once I get myself feeling better, epidural is scheduled for Sept 30, I truly can't wait for 'CLEAN' time!!!  Your an inspiration to alot of us, congrats again....I hope your celebrating and treating yourself to something nice!!
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