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Taking VyVanse...being in recovery...unsure...

Hello all I am a 28-year-old male and I have struggled with addiction since my teenage years I was clean for sometime the past couple years and then stopped working on my recovery and drank and smoked weed for a while a couple of months ago I made the decision to get and stay clean again I have 37 days clean in a row I saw my psychiatrist today who knows about my struggles with addiction and knows I'm a recovering addict and he is convinced I have ADHD he wants to give me VyVanse which is similar to adderalls. I mean I have gained almost 20 pounds in two months so it would be awesome to take a stimulant medication and lose some weight but in my heart I don't feel I should take via Vance I feel like it will bring back to relapse but at the same time am  I  being a martyr I am surprised he would prescribe a medication like this I did not get it filled. I love the feeling of being clean and feeling my spirit come alive. My fear is that VyVanse will just dampen that spirit. Any experience or feedback is welcomed.
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Congrats on your 37 days clean. That is so awesome.
I am proud of you and happy for you.
So glad your spirit is coming back to life. You are feeling again.
Do you have an exercise regiment?
Why did he feel you had ADHD? I think they are too quick with these
Diagnosis these days and wanting to get out meds.
I would definitely not take it. You are right it would wake up your addiction.
Are you attending support groups?
Why do you see a psychiatrist? I think a therapist would be better for self talk
Therapy instead of a psychiatrist who wants to prescribe meds.
You are doing great. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks for posting. He gave me an add quiz and I passed with flying colors. Yes I am attending support meetings. I mean I'm sure every recovering addict or alike has add lmao. I'd rather be a bit disorganized and unfocused than have my spirit stabbed by a speed pill. But I can feel my addiction trying to rationalize and justify taking it.  But I don't have to act on that thank god. I mean if I had narcolepsy or a real medical situation going on I would take it but fact is I don't. He was just so concerned with add and weight gain.  So he wrote the script. I know in the end I'm in charge of what goes in my body not the doctor. I can feel the internal battle about the stupid add med but whatever in the end I choose my spirit and vitality. No I don't have an exercise regiment...I really should get off my arse.
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i have severe ADD (not adhd) and wasn't diagnosed until i was an adult.

this is something that HAS to be based on your history,  NOT symptoms at the time of seeing the doctor.

for ex.  i often missed 80 days a year, had many struggles in school.  dropped out at 15 and started college.  it took me 16 yrs to get an associate degree.
not stupid, highly smart.  always straight a's in college, but when i read, i get half way down the page and find i am thinking of other things.  have to re read. also have to write it all down on index cards and study like flash cards.

if you didn't have issues in school you are probably not adhd
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I spoke to my doc today. Told him I'm not taking it. Ripped the script up n threw away
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im really glad you are not taking it.  i don't have personal experience with that drug but have known several people who have taken it and i think it is bad news.  you sound really strong in your conviction and attitude, that's key.  exercise is sometimes hard in terms of getting started but just take it slow in the beginning ... you'll prolly get hooked on it!  take care.
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