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Taking percocet while 30 weeks pregnant.

today I turned 30weeks pregnant.I have been taking 30mgs sometimes 60.mgs of percocet a day for the past 4 weeks due to pain.I was wondering if my baby will be born addicted.I live in nj and i dont want them to test my baby and take her.This is my frist child.I will not tell my OB.I want to quit cold turkey.Will she(the baby) be ok?
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Hello & welcome. Do you have a script for the perocet? After taking it for 4 weeks at 30 or 60 mgs you probably will go through some withdrawal which then the baby would also feel.
Had you been taking Percocet before? Because 30 or 60 mgs is not what you would start on.
Yes at 30 weeks the meconium
(Baby's poop) would test positive if they did test it. Anything The mother ingests  from about 20 weeks Is stored in the meconium. I'm not sure if they automatically test or not. It would probably be best if you were honest with your OB.
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Yes ive been taking them before.To be honest ive taking it for pain and because i like the high. I feel so bad i put my baby through this.Telling.my OB is.not a option.They will take my baby at birth..I cant risk it
No I do not have a script. I started taking them at 26 weeks and i havent taking any for the past 3 days
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You know, we addicts are amazing. We have this driving obsession to maintain our secrets at the expense of everything around us. You have a much higher chance of keeping your baby if you get brutally honest w/ your OB than if you ignore the problem and hope for the best on the day of the birth. You are going to need to face your addiction; it only gets worse. I pray you do the right thing for your baby.

Good luck to you.
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Think about what you’re saying; you enjoy the high enough to risk injuring your baby as well as losing him/her. Think on this REALLY hard. Telling your OB IS an option, you just don’t want to do it.
If you care more about the high than the health of your baby, then it’s probably best you let them take him/her at birth.
We all have pain, whether physical or emotional. There are many other ways of dealing with it while pregnant.
Please do the right thing.
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P.S. Your baby will be in pain in every way imaginable from withdrawal. Again, I implore you to do the right thing.
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@EG70 If I wanted a lecture I would.have talked to my parents.Frist i said I was taking them because I like the high.An answer to a previous comment.2nd NOT telling my OB is not.N.option because the have a "duty to inform" and I do not want my baby taking away.I only took the pills for about 3 weeks.I had a relapse.Ive been clean my whole.pregnancy thus far..Who are u to judge me?? Keep.your option to.yourself..Plz and Thank you
You can get off while pregnant .. Woman have. Don't listen to everyone el se.. You can't just stop using you'll kill the baby believe me I know. The only thing is a lot of hospi tals check the baby meconium.. Which will show that you used. And could cause the state to get involved.. If you can get off before he or she is born it is in the best but be careful you may not with draw but the baby may.. IS it prescribed to you
If you don’t want the cold, hard truth, then don’t post. Simple as that.
Grow up, you have a responsibility to a human being. Get help.
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Hi. I had this similar problem.. I was On prescribed oxicodone .... The baby will feel withdrawal. My son is a miracle my stupidity caused him to withdraw inside of me they had to get him out a month early and had to be brought back  It a no joke ... My second pregnancy almost same issue instead I took methadone for a few days while 34 weeks no withdrawal and my daughter was ok !y son is two and daughter one and thankfully there ok... If I can slowly drop yourself down each day.. You can get off but u are far long really u may have to turn to a healthcare professional.. I almost lost my son.
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I read this post the other day but had decided to not comment because MOST of the time, the young mother doesn't like what is said.  It's a ****** situation to be in.  HOWEVER, it's been weighing on me.  
The person who posted above me stated that she was taking drugs while pregnant and decided to slowly taper down to get off of them as to not get caught.  Then in the next post, she speaks where she did it again and almost lost her child?  I keep deleting what I actually want to write, but if that's what you want to listen to, go right ahead.

  Not my job to keep you clean, you're obviously an adult.  No one on here is trying to lecture you, you asked a question and you got answers.  In fact, you made your mind up in your original question stating that telling your OB wasn't an option (because your scared, I would be to!).  You think your the only woman to do this?  I am believing if quitting was as easy as tapering for you, you wouldn't have asked the question in the first place.  At 30 weeks, your pretty far along, so I would think if your hospital/ OB tests newborns for opiates, your busted anyway.  So either way, I think you lose.  At least, telling your OB will give you the upper hand to prevent harm.  And if anything did happen where the state got involved, it would be known you told the dr.  

Your kid, your decision.  You've managed to back yourself against a wall (many of us do)...the right thing to do is what's best for that baby...
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No one is being judgemental.  Honesty usually hits a nerve which it did.  We have had alot of moms come here in the same situation.  For the ones who were honest with their OB there wasnt any trouble.  For the ones who dont, CPS will intervene and rightfully so.  The safety of the baby is what is important and that is why they test them due to situations like this.  I hope and pray you make the right decision and put your baby's welfare above yours.  I also hope you get yourself some help since you relapsed.
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