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Tapering Slowly but Unsurely

Welp...For the past few days I've went from 10 perc 10/325's to 7 a day....I wish I could say I'm well on my way but bro.....

When I wake up in the morning the wrath of these bastards are very very evident. oh my dear lord...I feel like such hell when I wake up and throughout the day, although I take them, I feel so spaced out like the life hass been sucked right out of me. And the amount I've been taking isnt even that drastic!?! I dont see how people go cold turkey, the shock on the body and the wrath is so brutal...I must be weak man, because I couldnt imagine going days and days on end feeling the way I do at 8:00 am after my tapering process. I think its going to have to be a definite for Suboxone. Plus sleeping is becoming an issue.

Does Suboxone help you sleep at all? I wish I could close my eyes and wake up and have this all over with, this is a battle I have to face but I am seriously questioning whether I can really beat this and still maintain normality in my life for a while.
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I guess tapering is like cold turkey only longer, if you taper to quickly. I think whole purpose of tapering is to avoid withdrawal symptoms and it must be very gradual. I'm a cold turkey girl. I just wanted it over with as quickly as possible.  
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Suboxone makes me sleep like a baby without feeling groggy the next morning.  I also don't have that "gotta take meds now" feeling like when I was using.  Get on the NAABT website and find a doctor.  Mine is a couple hours away, but he is wonderful and understands addiction well.  My Doc, my wife/family and suboxone have put where I am today.  I am a high school English teacher and looking at buying my first home.  One year ago today I was on my way to rehab.  Stay strong.

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Have you read the article on tapering in my journal??  It could really help you. Tapering can be done if done steady and slowly.
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Congrats on tapering.  I have tapered down to 7.5 mg percocet.  Today I haven't had a pill yet.  I'm thinking allaboutmary might be correct.  Been going through all the withdrawal symptoms for a long time now.  Don't know if I'm going to go cold turkey or not yet.  I'm scared of the withdrawal symptoms, but think I may already be feeling them anyway.  Don't know if I will feel any worse whether I just stop.  FLaddict does have a great article on tapering.  In my experience, some cuts are harder than others and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  I think I would have asked for suboxone,but I want to get it over with shortly.  Best of luck to you.
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