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Tapering off Norco 10/325. I'm down to 5 pills a day from 14

I've been taking Norco 10/325 for about 3yrs now.  It use to be 2-3 pills for about 1yr then it gradually started to increase.  I was taking about 14 pills a day for 1yr straight, and now I'm down to only 5 pills a day.

Everyday I take 5 pills.  My plan is to taper slowly.  I've been taking 5 pills a day for about 2 months. Next week I want to start taking 4 a day then eventually 1 a day.  If I take 1 a day for about 6-8 months then half a pill for the same amount of time, then at last none....

How will that work out? Will I still withdraw bad or will it be bearable to go to work and function?  My main fear is withdrawing during a meeting at work.  I don't want to lose my job.  If i didn't have a job I think I'd stop cold turkey, but that is not the case.  I have a job and a mortgage payment.  Please help!
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Only you are going to be able to determine if that taper schedule will work and keep you comfy. Great job gettin down to 5. I do have some food for thought for ya tho. Have you got some care lined up? One on one or group NA meetings? Getting professional help will be your GREATEST defense getting thru ur taper successfully. It takes TONS of self discapline. Honestly most addicts cant taper. Would hate to see you get thru the taper and months of hard work just to relapse cuz of no after care. Dont wait until your off the meds to seek treatment. Keep posting here. So many wonderful caring people her. I should mention that cuz we are not doctors we wouldnt be able to provide a taper schedule but can offer opinions and support. Wishing you the best of luck.
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HI thats a really slooooooow taper schedule I got one from a neo/natal nurse that brings babys off heroin  methadone and oxy I used it to get off 150mg of methadone and it worked great I figured if its safe for a baby it safe enough for us we no longer post them in the open forum but if you want it I can send it to you threw the messenger you should be able to come off that in 2 mo time with very little withdrawal you will always experience some by tapering you do a lot of damage control just let me know if you want thet I will be happy to send it to you good luck and God bless.....Gnarly
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Hey, great job going from 14 to 5 a day, just wondering, how do you feel?

You just got two great posts from people giving really good advise.

I am starting mine, and either tomorrow or day after tomorrow (I have to look at the plan) I will be going down to 6 from 10 a day. The people on here are just the best. Keep going, keep fighting. You can do it!
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I have been taking norco 10/325 for a little over 2 years now for my Carpal Tunnel and Degenerative Disk Disease, i take about 8 - 12 a day, i tried to go Cold Turkey, but was withdrawaling so bad that i had to go to Urgent care and tell them i was going through withdrawal symptoms. The Dr put me back on them and told me to taper off. They told me to take 7 for two weeks, 6 for two weeks, 5 for two weeks and so on. I kinda tapered a little more than that a little more quickly. i have only taken 3 yesterday and 4 today. Mind you i started tapering on Sat. It is now monday! i think you have to test your body to see what the minimum amount you can take in a day! I am just hoping i get off of them soon, when i dont take them i have no energy and just want to sleep. I am a singel mom to a 4 year old and its hard to take care of her when i dont pop pills...Good luck to anyone who tries to go CT or even Taper. It is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my entire life!!!
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I myself are a mother of a four year old daughter, and have been taking Norco for 2 years for my cervical disc disease, I told my doctor I have become dependent on these pills and no longer want to live this way, he was very understanding and put me on a taper plan, I start my plan in 2 days and I'm very scared because I myself have experianced withdraw symptoms before when I had ran out to early, although I know this will be the toughest thing ill ever have to do when I look at my daughter I know things will slowly get better, to all the mothers out there who are going thru this just know you are not alone, when the painful withdraw symptoms happends during your taper think of your children and how you want to better yourself for them. And most of that pain will go away it will also help you be stronger thru this.
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I have been taking norco 10/326 now gor 3 yrs
L4-5 disc dgeneration terrible leg pain edpevislly at night.
I have run out earlybefir also an i am soo  afraid of withdrawal. I take 9 to 10 a day my doc wants me to see pain management  specialist i need to get off this stuff. Has anyone used  clonodine to take edge off? Does it work ? Thanks all
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Could you send me the taper schedule as well.. Thank you so much. I am dying to get off of all my stuff and I am hating suboxone!! So am committed to tapering and getting off..forever!! Thank you gnarly!!
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Hi could you PLEASE email the Neo/Natal taper schedule. I would greatly appreciate it. please send to ***@**** Thanks Again interested in their way of doing this for poor innocent babies and Adults. Meetings and ALL of YOU are a big help...
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