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Tapering off fioricet at home

I have been taking fioricet for a year and a half and started at 1 pill a day and went to max of 6 a day. I have recently dropped down to 1 a day and have 75 pills out of 90 left and hoping for another refill in order to stretch it out so I can taper safely. Is this possible? I am a mom and cannot go to a treatment facility. Please help
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It's pretty likely splitting them (which requires a pill splitter) is a viable option. I'd start with spreading out the 1 tab dose to eventually and drop it. You could even do half one day, 1 tab the next for a while. then when we get down to half a day for a good while (a few weeks), I speculate it would be safe to go to zero for a day (and maybe oscillate with zero one day, half the next, and so on). That's an extremely cautious approach. It sounds like you're definitely on the right track. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you could just tell your doctor you've been taking one a day because it helps but you want to just stop to see what what's like. Your doctor may not give any cautions as elaborate as the ones I've just given.

Keep us updated. :)
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Hi! Is there a way I can contact you about this subject? I am desperate to find some hope and help…I am tapering from Fioricet and having some psychological issues and I’m so scared! Thank you!
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You went from 6 pills a day down to 1?  That's pretty good!  I'd feel confident that you can handle this.  However, there are things you can do to help as well besides the pill taper.  Meetings? Support group? Sponsor?  Could you see a therapist for help with the inevitable anxiety that sees to plague us?  You are at the jumping off point.  Could you split the one tab and go to 1/2?  I don't think you need so many pills to get rid of the one a day.  It will be rough initially but will get better. I recommend the highest dose of Excedrin for headache.  Hoping others chime in here. But we're with you.  Let me know how it is going.  How did you taper the first 5 tabs?  
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