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Telling a doctor?

I've been on Vicodin and ativan for over 2 years. I want to get off but cant handle the withdrawal part of it. I want to tell my doctors but i'm afraid they'll just tell me to suck it up and stop taking the pills. I've tried getting off them CT and it never works. Has anyone ever gone to the doctors to get help and had them tell you to just stop? If a doctor does tell me to just quit CT and I find another doctor is that considered doctor shopping? even thoe i'm trying to quit?
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Hi & Welcome,

It really depends on your doctor, what sort of relationship you have and how knowledgeable he/she is. I have seen it go both ways.

There may not be much they will give you to help with the Vicoden withdrawal but the Ativan is another story. That needs to be tapered for risk of seizure. Hopefully your doctor is fully aware of that.

If you have an active prescription that has been recently filled for a narcotic and you receive another one from another doctor during that time period, it is considered doctor shopping. In the past 4 to 5 years they (DEA) have seriously cracked down on it and I wouldn't fool around with it if I were you.

Do you have any meds left? Refills?
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I have a few of both left. The whole doctor things is a long story. Was seeing the same doc like like 1 1/2 years. getting the vic and ativan from him. Then I lost that insurance BUT the doctor kept refilling my prescriptions. Then one day he said he needed to see me. I tried to schedule an appt with him but since I no longer had that insurance (Kaiser) they couldnt see me, even if I paid cash. I ended up getting on state insurance. There was literaly only 1 clinic in my area that took my new state insurance so I went to see them. They told me they dont prescribe for chronic pain and that i'd have to see pain management. That was a huge joke. Took a few months to get the referall and all that stuff and when all was said and done, they didnt take my insurance. By then I got feed up and paid cash to just see some random doctor. Told him, and showed him everything (i've been keeping track and have all paperwork) He gave me prescriptions of both to hold me off till I changed my insurance. I got on different insurance in May and went to see a doctor. She was kinda bitchy, said she only wanted to deal with one thing at a time (with my pain, neck, back ect) and didnt give me vic or ativan. She looked at my neck and gave me muscle relaxers. So I went back to the doctor who helped me and he wrote me another prescription for vic and ativan. I'm almost out of both now, like a few left of each. I'm just so tired of thinking about these pills all the time and when i'll get some and how i'll feel if i dont have any ect.
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I know how you feel. When you are done, you are done. I would like to see you off them as well, but want to see you do it safely.

I am afraid to tell you to go to another doctor. You have seen a few now and if someone even thinks you are doctor shopping or can see a cross-prescription, you could be banned from the pharmacies and the doctors. You need to tread lightly here.

The withdrawal from the Vicoden is not fun, as I am sure you know, but is doable. If you have ever had the flu in your life then you know what you are in for. The physical withdrawal from that will last 5 or 6 days. Like I said, the Ativan is another story.

I am lost for words here but I think your best bet it to go to your doctor and be honest. Let him know you are looking to get off of all the medications but want to do it safely. My guess is if you approach it in that manner they may be receptive.

It is quiet right now but will pick up in an hour or so. Hang around and let some other members give you their opinions.

In the meantime, please hang in there.
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Thank You. I've only gotten prescriptions from one doc at a time, which i'm gratefull for now. I know it all seems odd but i've been trying to do it by the book as far as taking the right steps to see the doctor ect. I actually just called and made an appt for myself. The soonest they could see me is next thursday.
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Good! Good! Keep your chin up until then and be careful with the meds. Let us know how you make out.
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Wow...I haven't been here in a while!  To the topic at hand.  When I made one of my attempts to quit, I called my Dr. and explained to him what I had been doing (getting my oxy's off the street), and that I wanted to stop.  I asked him if there was any possible way that he could call in a script for me for around 40 vicodin...I had a co-worker that I had explained what was going on and asked if he would be willing to help me out and give them to me with a schedule that I had made up to help me ween down.  Well, he said yes, I got the script, I was down to 1/2 pill a day, and actually didn't feel all that bad.  Point to my post is, go ahead and explain your situation to your Dr....If he has any idea of what a CT withdrawal is like, I'm fairly certain that he'll help out......Just don't do what I did...get down to next to nothing, then fire up on all cylinders for the next year!
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Be completely honest with your doctor and tell them you need to taper off the Ativan.  Hopefully he/she will be helpful with that.  This is about you and your health and you have every right to make sure you get the proper care.......sara
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