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Teri9498 is methadone free!!!!!

HI every one always like to bring good news after a long taper down both Teri and her B/F are now methadone clean for those of you who know this drug you know what an accomplishment that is if you dont it is the hardest of the narcotics to get off off because of the long taper many withdrawals and overall miserable feeling for sometimes months im am so haapy for the both of them now comes the lack of sleep and energy crach will deal with it as it comes this is an accomplishment of a life time congrats to both of you may God bless you both abundantly your friend MARK  
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Excellent news!  Well done Teri.... Keep it up!
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What a huge accomplishment and inspiration to all trying to get off this nasty drug. You MADE IT! Treat yourself to something special for you and your BF. You deserve it!
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Fantastic news !!!   Way to go Teri and Hubby....HUGE accomplishment...my continued prayers for strength and sleep for them both.......do something really nice for yourselves.........peace

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   awww, thanks guys, u r all so sweet and caring!  Gnarly, I couldn't have done it without all of your advice and support!  Like I told u before u r truly a god send.When I first came on this site, it was u who responded to me first and u have been nothing but caring and supportive!  So thank you I couldn't have done it without all of u, really this site has helped me so much!  Sending u all love and (((hugs)))
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ah well done. I know how hard this is as both my brother in laws have and r.struggling.

Well done. Life will see a new light.

Keep strong..

Zoe x
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Yay!! - Well done to you both!! Hugs & prayers!! x
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