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Thank you to everyone who helped me!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of those people who have given me advice over the years, and who have given me the information I needed to get off of Suboxone while experiencing zero withdrawal.  I am 7 days clean now, and I have my old self back.  I don't even feel any of the anxiety I had before turning to Vicodin, so it is safe to say that I have my pre-drug self back too.  I probably won't be posting anymore, except to give advice and once a month to say "30 days clean!"  or "60 days clean!"  (Trust me, I will be counting for you!)  So, good luck to everyone!
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Good Luck on you journey to the land of recovery.  We will all be rooting for you.  I will keep you in my prayers.  Keep up the good fight!!!!!
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It is great to hear you are doing so well. Addicts come in every day and need help, guidance and experience. I hope you stick around and share what you have with them.

Best of luck!
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Great Job!!!  Please keep in touch, we will always be here for you.
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Look at you -  Well done!
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