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thanks to all that replied.  your support is sooooo much appreciated.  I don't think i could have made it withought you. It seems fent and hydro were easier.  I do take calcium and magnesium 3x day and thats probably why I havent had a bad as time as some others.  I am just anxious to feel like myself again.
to those of you out there having a rough one right now my prayers are with you daily.
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Your Welcome and Thank you.. by coming here and telling of your experiences you give others Hope.. You have come far and I hope your pride and inner well being is off the charts as you deserve all the kudos we have to offer. warmly lesa
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Congratulations on your clean time. The feeling of anxious to be yourself again is part of the mental withdrawal and can last for awhile but it will pass and I promise you will feel like yourself again. It is so worth it. Not sure what you are withdrawling from but if it was harder than fentanyl...God bless.
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