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Hi,    this question is for worried878 and I am posting it here because I can't figure out how to get to him/her directly.  Duh.     I was on 5  five mg. 4 /day on Sunday and went to 2 and one half on Wed.- super fast taper, and am having very severe wds. and much work through most of taper.  Am super anxious and not sleeping. Was on oxycodone for 6-8 weeks before that and stopped that about 10 days ago. Should I go back up to 3 for 4 days and then continue to drop 10% every 4 days? Please respond a.s.a.p.    Your have been a blessing for me.
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You can PM worried by placing your cursor over her screen handle - a box should pop up that says leave note, write message, etc.......... You are off the oxy's and doing what?  Certainly sounds like you are getting too axious with your taper - - very common mistake to make.
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tapering is hard if u have the pills in reach..if u r an addict that is...diff btw addicts and the physically dependent...physical wds are there for both...but a true addicthas alot more probs with a taper on their own...even if u hand them to a trusted SO or a trusted friend..many will go out and get moreIf u r sticking to ur taper plan//have it written out and also have a PUIT day included..u stick to that no matter what//if u messed up ur taper QUIT day is still QUIT day...gotta make a plan..write it out...flush what u dont need for ur written taper...good to save a few extra in case u have a screw up day as most will..but try ur best to stick to ut writtem plan..flushing can be a very positive thing/everyone should do it at last once..u take ur power back..and let go of the power the pills had over u as those pills swish down the toilet...BYE BYE  and good riddence!

U have read the taper article in the health pages..the thomas recipe is there as well...stock up on the supps recommended//and the dose recommended/tyrosine helps nrg and depression//5htp helps mainly depression/theanine helps anxiety...read and learn

u r at 10 mgs a day now?   not huge...if u r suffering wd symptoms with ur taper i would go ahead and jump off the 10mgs and get this done/i was at 100 mgs and back to work day 5...a very slow taper can lessen wds but it also drags them out..ct is often a good choice for someone at a low dose as u r.....there is really no way to completely avoid wd...just doesnt work that way

as far as going back up on ur dose???that is definitely moving backward and not forward...u r now tapering from the 2 5 mg pills...pushing it back up to 3 or 4/5mg pills/ a day is not moving forward..break the 2 per day that u r at now as 1/2 pill 4 x a day..still 10 mgs  but it would help u increase endorphins even during ur taper..exercise and the aminos also increase endorphin production..read the article on dopamine and the gates we build in our brain..jst remeber aftercare is often a need/meetings r free and everywhere/be it AA or NA, they r very similar/put all the balls in ur court...and always move forward

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