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The agenda of addiction......to destroy us!

Hey guys!
I have been trying to post a new journal for 3 days now.....and PRAISE GOD the posting issues are fixed!

That being said, I was re-reading some of my notes during my first 50 or so days getting clean.
I ran across this powerful letter that I really wanted to share with all of you.
It is not "my original" by any means.....nothing I share is.......but is was so powerful when I read it I just had to get it written down "typed" so I could share it with all of you.
I didn't necessarily get to ALL the places mentioned in this letter.....but close enough!  I knew where I was headed, had gone far enough.....and that was my bottom!
Those who are struggling, or not,..........if you are truly an addict.....it will more than likely touch you.
It is in my "journals" and open to the public to read.  
God bless each and every one of you!!
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I thought I was the only one having trouble posting in my journal!
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Wow that was truly awesome!  The whole truth and nothing but the truth. It makes me sad how long I listened to the devil's voice when God was right there all the time. I am now learning to forgive myself because he has already done so and who am I to keep questioning that?!!

Much love,

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Felt that love all the way from oz!!!
Back attacha......aj
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Hey connie your an insperation to us all it takes alot to admit to ourselves were addicts im so glad n blessed to call you friend stay strong god bless ((biggest hugs)) ur friend in oz aj xox
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And I am grateful for your presence here, Sara!
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We all need to see this as this is exactly what active addiction is and does.  Everytime i see this one it makes me shiver as that was me.  Tonight as i sit here i am grateful for another day clean~~
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