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The day is here..What would you do ST or CT

The kids left yesterday and will be gone till July 17th..It's been almost 2 weeks since I went CT off of Fentynyl abd Some....I figured I do thse first as they are the strongest..Get this..My Dr. at the Pain Center said he would refuse to treat me if I went off!!!!!..Yes..my back was fractured in a car accident and I was told it was inoperable..and yes..I feel pain...But after being on Pain meds for 6 or 7 years....(I was first diagnosed with Degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis and bone spurs on my spinal column and sever arthitis of my entire spine...then 2 years ago was in a horrible car accident..hit by a drunk driver..that's when Morphine and Fentanyl came into play.

I just don't deel like me..I get bitchy as the time draws nearer for my next dose...I hate living by the clock..and though I haven't abused..I'm very well aware it could happen easily and that scares me..

Do you all believe after 2 weeks the Fent. and Morph. are out of my system? And would you do a slow taper or just jump right in and cold CT with the remaining two mwds....Percs and Soma..I've already cut down the dosages on both..Some days are better than other..I have Ambien for sleep..and while it will put me to sleep after 2 or 3 hours of taking it..I do not stay asleep.Any and all input I would greatly appreciate..right now I just need to hear how others have done it or are doing it to get me thru..Oh...and I don't driveSo you all are literally going to help me succeed..Thanks..and please comment..even if it's a note of encouragement...Thanks...Anj
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Ok, as u know we cant give taper plans, so here is my two cents.

Every persons detox is personal to them.  Tapering helps some people ease the w'd symptoms and it works well for them so that a good thing for tapering.  In my mind, a con of tapering is this, the temptation is always there because your in control of the pills plus tapering could just drag out the process.  Now, cold turkey a pro would be that your done, and usually after 5-7 days the worst of physical w'd is gone, but a con is days 1-5/7 are pretty awful. SO i think that you need to ask yourself what you feel your capable of.  THis isnt a race but the end is the goal, to live clean.  You've already made the hardest choice and that is to get clean.  

I know what you mean about the pain doc, funny how all they really care about is billing your insurance and making a quick buck?  would seem to me that the doctor should be more concerned about, oh i dont know, your actual HEALTH as opposed to their friggin wallets.  MAKES ME MAD!!!  

So i hope this helps but i really feel that you have to look inside yourself to know what's best for you.  For me after 30 plus norco's a day, i couldn't trust myself with a taper becase if the pills were there i'd take them!  ANd as for sleep, its part of the process and i've been told by my doctor that after being on opiates for so long, ambein won't work becuase of the opiates and taking it can actually do the opposite of sleep.  Sleep has to come naturally and it will once your body starts to heal itself, so unfortunately its just part of the process, and let me tell you i think no sleep was harder that the actual w'ds for me.  It stunk BIG TIME but finally its slowly coming back.

I do want to ask you though have you thought of alternative ways to cope with your pain?  I think that is going to be crucial to your recovery.

Good luck to you!
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Thank you for responding..I went off the Fentanyl and Morphine CT bc I was stil taking Percs and Soma..I thought the WD's would be OK...WRONG!..So now it's been almost two weeks since I've been off them...I want to be clean and well by the time my kids get back on the 17th..I'm lucky in that they don't have to see my crying and going thru thiis anguish..So far no real physical symptoms...I'm talking b-12 cub-lingual and vitamins daily...

I'm glad you told me about the ambien...amazing it would not put me to sleep for hours...That explains it

I have two tapering plans...a slow one where I would have taken my last pill 6/29 and a quick one...where I would have taken my last pill 6/17 .

In a way I would just like to CT it but don't know if I'm strong enough...The Anxiety is what make it unbearable to me..Even though I have Klonopin...that doesn't eve touch it...so I'm not going to bother. I can
t believe others have done this CT...I admire your strength and resolve...I just know If I go that route I will be a basket case..Anyone else ever felt that way.

And really..Is the worst over after 7 days?? I know things won't magically go back to normal...but will I at least see a glimmer of light and hope at the end of the tunnel after a week..If so..I might be able to do it..Please all thought and comments and shared experiences WELCOMED!!!Anj.
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Yes for me and for most of the people on here after days 6-7 you WILL start to feel better.

And the anxiety?  OH YEAH, i felt like i could have crawled out of my skin,  the thomas reciepe works pretty good.  The valerian root REALLY helped me with the anxiety.  It stinks something awful and i gagged when i took it, but it was a life saver for me.  The other thing that really helped was exercise.  I HATE exercising but someone told me to force yourself to get up and do something.  SO when i thought i could pluck every hair out of my body one by one i literally forced myself to run out of the house and i went one really long peaceful walks, when you get your heart rate up a little your body will produce the feel good endorphines and they are amazing because they will calm you down better than anything and the walking will make your muscles relax.  I too thought i was going to go crazy but for me sitting sit trying to watch a movie for the first week was torture and the ONLY thing other than the valerian root that helped was getting off me lazy rear end and walking.  Also, don't know if this is true, but my theroy is this, getting your heart rate up caused your body to process faster therefore causing the w'ds to go away faster and helps to speed up the healing process.  After i figured out that increasing my heart rate helped, it was like hitting the hump and everything started to get better.  

The 6-7 day mark was the point where the physical stuff got better but then the next challenge was the mental part and the no sleeping thing.  Just knowing what to expect helped me alot.   The key for the craving to take a pill was redirecting my thoughts and energy.  So if i feel a craving sneak up i jump up and do something else.  At first it was cleaning, my house is friggin spotless, or grabbing my ipod and jamming to my music and walking.  Just redirect redirect redirect.  Also, be nice to yourself, give yourself a little credit, do something you like that makes you happy, spoil yourself.  I LOVE to cook, and let me tell you, boy oh boy is my husband happy, i made cookies, and pies and brownies and fabulous dinners.  

So, remember your mind is powerful, KEEP positive, you get what you put into detox in my opinion.  Your mind can make it worse or your mind can make it better, at least that was the way it was for me.  I hate sounding like a preacher of positive thoughts becuase it is DEFINETLY not my thing, but in this, it really helps.  Dont' beat yourself up.  And remember, we can't change yesterdays but we sure has heck can change today!! Good luck.
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Please I could really use some help here..even if it's a word of encouragement...This is the last place I have to turn to.
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First off I want to take the time and thanks those who have responded to me..i greatlty appreciatite it...I don't know if it's me but I donn't feel like I'm getting any support, help, or kust support.

I understand people are busy...but a kind word goes a long way....Maybe it's because I have taken my scripts as prescribed...but that doesn't mean I don't think I'm on my way to addiction...I have 5 children and am by myself...I live in the Sonoran Desert....

I can't drive because I had a seizure and you have to be seizure free for 6 months in my state in order to drive again. I really came here for some hope and help...It's not happening...For those of you who have been selfless enough to PM...Please do...You've been a lifeline and for that I'm eternally grateful. God Bless and keep in touch, I don't know what I'll do...But please don't give up on me..I've been in Hell..But still took the time to answers other...Hurts to know people won't respond..but respond to others.

All my best to all of you...Thank you to those who were selfless enough to answer or PM me.Encouragement and wisdom from those who have been there goes a long way.. No one deserves to have to go thru this...especially alone.
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I fully support you! and first off, I thought you were a guy hehe, my apologies.

Well I'm at work but I'm going home early in a bit. How's the weather there? Fresh air is always relaxing, try some B vitamins, a B12 under your tongue, and some 5htp? A little walk for some exercise maybe?

I'm alone like you and missing my family, but it's not the end of the world, they'll be back and we'll be feeling better when they do. It's a win win.
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LOL on the customer support.  I'll be glad to be your personal technician if you wanna look at it that way.  Cheer up!
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I know how u feel. When I first found this site I felt just like u, like nobody would respond 2 me but would everybody else. A lot of ppl r @ work right now. I'm here tho. I have been off the pain meds since April 22. Some ppl here have A LOT more clean time but I will nswer ur questions the best I can or just b a friend u can talk 2. U can do this! There is so much support here, u will c.keep ur head up n u'll b fine!
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Hey don't feel like you're being ignored, you're not.  Most posters aren't here on the weekends, and most get on in the evening time.  You can get through this!!!  It might be he ll for a couple days, but it's totally going to be worth it in the end.  I'm so glad that you don't have to worry about your kids during this either.  I know that would make it ten times harder and almost impossible if you are single.  Keep your head up...you CAN and WILL do this!!!!!  How are you feeling right now?
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Thanks for commenting..I tried to go CT but couldn't...Maybe exercise will help..I'm getting back into the gym tomorrow...I used to teach all sorts of fitness classes...Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, weight-training..you name it..But being on these meds I can tell I'm not as strong as I used to be...My Dr. thinks I'm nuts for wanting off because I don't abuse them...each month I go to the Pain Center and they end up disposing 2 weeks of meds...BUT...I believe everyone has a threshold to cross where it will become a full blown addiction...Heck...something has to be up if trying to get off these last two meds is causing me such mental anguish.I don't know if I should just stay on..but then I'm worried I'll become tolerant and need something stronger...or just get off and deal with the pain thru PT, yoga, acupuncture and chiropractor visits and massages..I know my back is getting worse...i see the MRI's.....I just would like others opinions..CT or Taper..I know everyone is different...but if it's really true the worse of it's over in 7 days I will bite the bullet. I'm not worried about using again..I've already had the PM center dispose of so much when I could have kept them...Sorry for the rant...It was my first attempt at going CT....and Mr. New Hope...I'm taking all those vitamins and supplements and more...Thanks for being there:))
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Just wanted 2 check in on u 2day. Hope ur r doin ok!

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