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The dirt and the pavement have become my salvation.. ;)

Well I'm 11days norco free..
I'm feeling good. Finally slept last night. Melatonin worked wonders for me. What's really helping me is the support of a new friend, my kids, exercise and staying busy. Starting NA on Monday!!
My husband and I are doing a big garden this year. So I spent the evening playing in the dirt, getting the ground ready for planting. As I did, I had a thought. This garden is going to be like me. That garden plot was a big pile of weeds these past few seasons.  Because I would make excuses about being to busy to do the work. So as I recover and reap the benefits of my sobriety so I will reap the benefits of our garden. ;)
It's all about perceptive and a positive attitude!
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congrats on 11 days.  at least you are through the physical withdrawals now.  the mental will take a little longer.  it is great you are able to get some sleep.  it is even harder to fight when you don't get any sleep
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U will be so happy to start n/a...it has been a Godsend to me! Keep moving forward!
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Loved your inspirational post! A year ago I planted a Raywood Ash in our front yard. As I watch it grow, I like to compare with my personal growth being clean. That tree is slow and steady and quite cautious about new branches-they seem "well thought out," as opposed to some trees in the neighborhood that grow as fast as weeds, and a strong wind tears down. Not so with my tree (program)
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Congrats on your 11 days!!

I really enjoy analogies like the one you shared.  There are SO MANY parallels we can make:  preparing the soil, planting the seeds, consistently  watering what we want to grow, getting fresh air and sunshine, and spending a specified amount of time EACH DAY to weeding.

The more we feed what we want to grow....and starve what we want to die....the more fruitful our lives become~
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