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The last cold turkey

I have been going through cold turkey for a week. It's hard but doable baby steps for me I have all the symptoms of dope sickness but I'm fighting very hard.I don't feel good or happy I reached a week but Iv been there before and lost to my deamon.Ireally do need to sleep.Any  body agree that getting clean can be the easy part for me the hard part is staying off.What do you guys think.Well that's my first week clean I'm happy for me. I also need to get outside help drug councillor.Thanks guys for all your help and encouragement it means a lot......James
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Congratulations james. One day at time.
Yes get some counseling james, go to meetings,
Church get as much in person support as possible.
Keep on fighting the good fight james.
Happy, healthy and blessed 2017.
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Congrats on 1 week James!!  Now start making those contacts with counseling/therapy.
Well I'm doing great no opiates atall I'm struggling with my counciling that's hard .Dealing with my childhood.im not close to my family I find it hard to deal with family. I was brought up in approved school from the age of twelve. So not close to them I was in hospital for a week and it helped I just take meds to stop me getting depressed so that's a good thing. Just had to say this Hope everyone's doing great at medhe lol James
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So how's it going James?
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Congrats James, yes make that call , i use a therapist who specializes in addiction. It has worked wonders for me.
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