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There's a hole in my septum

Hi I'm posting this question In hopes to get some help so negative comments Aren't needed but I know there will be some so here it goes. I'm 22 and I've been snorting cocaine since I was about 18 so about four years. Recently I've noticed there's a hole in my septum that's been giving me hell. I'm also a picker so I know that doesn't help. I know that it's a hole because a scab or layer of mucus fries in it and when I pick or blow it out it's shaped like the inside of the hole. Plus if I pick at it on one side I can feel it  move in the other side. It's slightly painful at times but not unbareable I feel relief after a steamy shower or if I pull the crust out but it only comes back. I'm at the point of stopping use and I've started using a sinus irrigator and putting Tripple antibiotics on each side but I'd love to hear some sudgestions on what I should do about this problem cause I feel it's getting worse cause when I wake up my nose is always dried and uncomfortable!
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Not using coke is the first thing to do and you mentioned that.  I would also see an ENT and have them check this out.  They have seen this before and should be able to help you.  Did you use coke on a daily basis?
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Yes I did use on a daily basis
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Hey besides not doing coke, you MUST stop all the picking. Everytime you pull the scab off the hole gets bigger. If you continue you will need surgery to close it.
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Stop using Coke, an ENT can fix it with a "button". Stop picking it. I have a small one, not from Coke but from 3 sinus repair surgeries, that's how I got addicted to pills, go figure! Anyway, mine is not that bad, it's pretty far up and sometimes it whistles when it's dry. Stick Vaseline on a q tip, makes it stop.
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I used PILES of coke back in the day.. had only one sinus infection and it was from sticking dirty straw or DIRTY fingers in my nose I went to ER the guy new exactly what was going on so I told him the truth he gave me some ointment and it worked so I was lucky.  so since your off the dope try checking out a doc if you have ins. or just urgent care its 60$ most places good luck ..
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Thank you all so much!
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Instead of vaseline on the q-tip, try a good triple antibiotic ointment.
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