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This can be done!

Hey all.

Hope all are doing well.  Just a quick note to let you friends know that I am still off the stuff!  I am feeling so very good.  It's pretty unbelievable.  You can be free of prescription drugs and feel good.  There is life after Vicodin... and Adderal.. and Valium..... ya.. really.. there is.

I have to say I am swearing by the amino acids.  They are the life savers.  

I've been really busy with my garden and spring stuff.  With feeling good and chemical free, so I dont check the forum that much.  But, I just wanted to say hello to all.

Hang in there guys and gals.
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Wow, this is a timely post, just when I was thinking about how life without drugs can be boring, Thnx for reminding me of the fun that's on the other side... I think I'll stay here...
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So glad to hear u r doing well...it is nice to read posts from people who are doing well and have stayed clean
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