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This is so cool!

Of course, AFTER I recoup here, I'll be back to school this summer- fnishing my bachelor's in criminology- I got a letter in the mail today (hubby just brought the letter in to me because he checked the mail and it was in his car from earlier) and it says that I'm invited to the academy for named recognition! (which could only mean one thing- I guess I really AM doing okay?) I went back to school after graduating the academy, majoring in criminology, forensics (lab), mental health, and addictive theory with applied psychology courses- extended over a period of 4 years;
I finally decided to go to law school as soon as I obtain my bachelor's, and honestly- through all of THIS and everyone here in the forum, I've gotten more encouragement that YES I can do it!
(kind of had my doubts with having the kids here, working, and going to school at the same time sort of made it overwhelming enough to say "Well, it's just too much right now"-  But I've come this far!)
I started to lose 'self worth' for a short time there when I read all the horror stories of drugs, death, etc etc.. But I finally realized that after seeing so many people in here make it through, that so can I! (this, I admit, IS going to be hard but I know I can do it!)
I guess there really IS a light at the end of that tunnel? lol.. <----notice the 'question' mark.. hehe
Love  you guys and thanks so much for listening to me ramble and mumble on.. I'm just really glad that there's hope! :D
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I'm not rushing into anything, but I'm taking baby steps- I couldn't wait to get off of this dang medicine so that I can get on with my life! lol
It'll be hard considering I already work full time, have a full time job with the kids, and finishing school is going to make it that much harder- I've already made it 3 1/2 years, I can do more! lol.. I hope! hehe
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Cograts Alli....see...that light is shining thru all ready!!!....go girl
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WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just wonderful & so are you!
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