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This may be a silly question

How do you know when you're back to normal or feeling better? The false energy the pills/subs  gave us almost confuses us what was real energy and what was chemical.   So how can you tell when you're "back?"
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That is a very good question!
I believe after what I put my body threw I no longer know what my normal is! When I started this opiate journey I was 11 years younger!
So what is normal I guess normal is when I am no longer craving a pill, and the energy will follow...you know my drill one minute, one hour, one day at a time~
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When you don't have to ask yourself if you're feeling normal...  If you're unsure, then you probably aren't back to chipper yet.  It's not a silly question, but as humans we tend to overthink things sometimes.  When you don't have to think about it then you know things are coming right.
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You'll know. It just takes time.

I love how Jethro put it. When you don't have to ask yourself.

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When you wake up in the morning feeling good. I mean good. No stomach ache or cramping or bathroom issues.  I remember that day and it is what I hold onto. I had not felt so good and full of life and happy.  Yes I know you still have energy issues and some blues.

But you wake up good. You don't need a pill to not feel ill. To get out of bed. It hits you. Wait. I'm through it.
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