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Thomas Recipe

Bought everything except  L tyrosine.
Does this work?
I wasted my $$$ on withdrawal ease!!!
Starting my detox tomorrow.
I'm anxious that I can't sleep...

Ive detoxes before. I know what's waiting for me...
What if it will be worse since I've taken so much more in more period of time.
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Hi... the stuff will ease a bit the symptons... If you have experienced them before you know how it will be and i don't really think they will be  much worse.. Keep being positive, you will be ok :)  step by step... try relaxing now, some deep breathing, you will pull through this, vegasgirl !!! As for the Ltyrosine, i don't think you will need it now, some people feel jittery with it. I took it after the wds were mostly gone and the lack of energy took a toll on me...

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Sleep is pretty much an issue.  It seems to be one of the last things that resets itself.  I agree with Laurel about the Ltyrosine.  Lots of warm bathes will help....keep hydrated.  A lot of symptoms can be lessened if you are not dehydrated.  If eating is not good for you..drink something with protein in it..Ensure or Boost.  Frozen grapes or Popsicles are another thought.

Keep the Imodium handy...it really does help with the opiate trots AND some feel it helps with the w/d in general.  I thought it did.  Nothing will make it all go away.  Everyone is so different..just keep treating the symptoms as they arrive.

Get some sun everyday and walk if you can.  It will help you sleep.  We tend to just stay in bed and look at the TV when getting out and about some helps more than we realize.  

Good luck!  Keep posting while you are dealing with this so you can get encouragement, help and support.
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Not much to add, just want to wish you good luck.
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Good Luck! Life is better on the other side!
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