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Thoughts on legitimate oc and recent crackdowns?

I am aware I might have a kidnapper-empathy complex, but my dealer was not a bad woman. She has cancer and a proven chronic nerve condition and cannot work. Most likely she will not live long (even though she's maybe 40.) ...Plus she is divorced and has a kid. Luckily she is on longterm disability with health insurance.

She only sold to two people, including me, See she mainly had scripts for Norco's, and for her they worked better than oc (bc she was worried about being high in front of her kids.) Still she was definitely addicted though...she had to be considering her condition.

Anyway, I got them from her...if you read my story, it was VERY occasionally for a long time (every other week or so without true withdrawal.)

In the last few months when it was a problem, she started yelling at me, in fact she only gave them knowing I would get sick, and it would come with a lecture including her crying that she only wanted to help. When I called and told her I quit, she was ecstatic and said I'm cutoff officially... and even offered to help (legally...just advice)

BTW -The other person was immediately cutoff too bc of her conscience and the fact that he well, had backup

Anyway,  soon after this, her insurance stopped covering oc's, (presumably bc people like me.) I went with her once: a month's supply of 80s from Walgreens was around $2,000 (I can't even imagine walking out of there with a script that expensive!!!)

Now the poor woman needs medication but refuses to sell again because she got me hooked. I worry about her for her legitimate health reasons but have been afraid to call just bc of the association.

Anyway  word on the street is that oc's are becoming more plentiful than ever since Insurance companies are dropping and people prescribed them usually cannot work; thus many who normally would not started selling as a means for survival..

Why the heck is it that expensive? Heck, generics are even out now.

There are many upsetting permutations to this problem, to me including a VERY blurred distinction on what is legal and what is not (I'm sorry but coming out of Walgreens with $2K of oc is as sketchy to me as anything else.)

Oh and I mentioned this on another thread: this evil doctor over-prescribed oc to the point where he had four od's in a year! ...

....what do you guys think?

Again, I'm fully aware that my support for my dealer may still be a psychological complex, but I truly care and worry for her and her family.
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Crud, seeing zero answers is making me think that this might not be the place to mention this. I was thinking AA type things where people tell their stories; however, people in withdrawal do not want to see these kinds of stories.

...No matter how sociologically interesting...

Moderators, should this be deleted or moved somewhere else? Please feel free to do so and I will not be offended.

I jumped in way too fast because I'm so excited to talk to people that truly understand (and are DEAD serious about quitting like myself) I need to slow down and learn the ropes a little betterl
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honey, i just didn't understand the question.... although i'm sorry for your friend.
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Hello and welcome,

But  also have to say I have no clue what your looking for with this post.........

not ignoring you just don't understand...........
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No, you've just got to give us time. It's Labor Day Monday, and this is a posting board (not chat). Sometimes it takes hours before we get back to each other!  I only check in twice a day myself for a bit right now, not able to spend more time. It's that annoying thing...what's it called? Life! What a pain it is! :)

Seriously, I don't think there's anything wrong with feeling sympathy and concern for this person. She sounds like a friend. She obviously doesn't fit the classic description of the evil dealer hanging out outside preschools trying to hook kids with free samples (who does???)

She's a person with an addiction, just like you, and needs help, just like you do. Whether she needs the medication is irrelevant, she's got the classic problems that come with that addiction. Selling meds, being cut off, facing pain from illness, pain from withdrawal. Try to stop thinking of her as your dealer, and just as a friend (assuming she is) and that alone may help the situation.

As to the cost of medications, well... they charge as much as the market will bear. The costs are so high now in part because of things like covering possible lawsuits, DEA fines, etc... all this jacks up the price of a medication. With the climate being what it is (very hostile), the increases reflect everything negative that goes with that.

You do, however, have to remember that she knew what she was getting into when she started selling her scripts. Nice person or not, she did create this situation (whether it was thrust wrongly on her or not). She sounds like she's trying to be responsible about dealing with the outcome. Just your support as a friend should be enough for now. It's a situation she has to work through herself. Unless you can offer advice that supports her quitting, or how to get her prescriptions legitimately, I'm sure that will make her happy if she is your friend.
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Thanks! You got my points basically. Anout the woman, the one I blame is the shady guy that brought me to her all the time and shot it up while I snorted (I proudly have untouched brains.) ...He's in jail now and I have to say he belongs there.

I'll be concise: do you think the pharmaceutical situation in America will change soon (especially with that new act in place?)

Has anyone looked up how many people *really* use oc's legitimately? For instance, the oc Wikipedia entry is almost entirely devoted to addiction...though technically anyone who takes it becomes addicted (which brings up other ethical issues.

Finally, Has anyone else noticed more oc around since insurance plans are dropping oc thus forcing people to sell some to pay their bill? (I saw it before I quit four months ago.)

Hopefully I'm getting better posting shorter posts...promise I'll keep trying!
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Well, it's complicated. There's been a change in how pain is viewed in this country (world!). Once it was viewed as a necessary part of healing. Now, pain is considered to be something to be avoided at all costs.
Prescription opiate use is up 900% from a year or two ago. I'm not sure how many people that is, but it's in the millions and it's increasing exponentially every year. How many are legitimate? Depends on who's answering.
Plus, alot of these people are being put on methadone as an answer to long term pain management. So there's an overall attitude of hostility towards people on pain medication for long term usage.

I'm not sure what new act you're referring to, which one is it? But this situation will only get worse until everyday people along with the health care industry begin to change their attitude towards pain managemant and addiction.

As to it being around more...you mean street sales? That I'm not sure. Statistics on street sales are almost never reliable or representative.
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