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Three months clean!! Suboxone

hello !!!  My husband has been clean for three months from suboxone, I am very happy, I want to tell everyone who enters the forum again, that there is hope, that it is possible, that at the end of the tunnel there is that light, my husband is different, he has more energy , He is excited, and what he most asked for his sex to return, I have back the healthy man I knew, thank God and this community!
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This is awesome to read and I'm so glad ya'll are still moving forwards.  Congratulations to you both.
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My husband did not feel pleasure, being in the suboxone, after cleaning he spent time so that he was normal again, and have energy again, thank God he became a normal man again
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Congratulations on your husbands 3 months.  That’s awesome.  Is their a medical reason to not having sex?
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Just opiates and mat treatment kills the sex drive for a lot of people.
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