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Time for another roll call!!

Hey all...with all the new people joining,I thought it would be a great time to post those clean times no matter what they are!!So brag away!!Congrats to all on staying clean!!Keep your guard up,and stay strong!!~A
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P.S. I have 324 days!!
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23 days!!!!
Thanks to everyone here! For anyone who is in total fear of stopping, it's possible!
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10 days, and trucking along.   Let's all kick some a$$ and live a life we all so deserve!!!
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31 days today!
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I have 24 days and my energy and sleep are coming back alot in the last day or so.I don't even remember getting up and going to bed last night which is good since the rest of the days were torture on sleep.I hope this continues.Good luck to everyone on here and everyone dealing with this
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The BIG 10 Day mark! So proud of myself. NEVER GOING BACK!
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18 days here
I did not use yesterday and I don't think I'll use today...
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35 days for me and moving
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Congrats to all of you on your clean time!!

1260 days for this old girl~~
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41 days today.  Feeling ok today, last few days were not so good.  I will keep trucking on.  Best of luck to everyone out there.  Keep up the great work.
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day 2 and my life is a living hell! So stupid for taking pills to start with!!!!
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Tuesday, Day 3 without a pill. I slept a few hours tossed and turned most of the night, but managed to get up and ready for work. Just being able to make it to work was a big step for me. I'm very happy about that. Before I would find a pill before work if I didn't have one I wouldn't make it at all and I'd come up with something by lunch. Actually, I didn't have the energy to move my legs to get to work. Now, I feel like I can do it, I just have to keep my faith.
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Working through day 8.  Yesterday was the worst by far mentally.  But I know I am on the right path to getting better and getting these pills out of my life.  Whatever difficulties I have in life will only be hard if I am using.  I am committed to staying clean and working the program.

Thanks everyone
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195 :-) and couldn't of done it without my friends
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I have147days today(thanks2laurel sending me a note I know the exact amount).WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.Almost5months.I can honestly say I had times where147minutes seemed impossible.
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2all those just starting out.Ur on the path to a better [email protected] its ***** today but n36hoursor lepur gonna b going uphill.Ur over halfway to feeling [email protected]:PERFECT [email protected] the mental part is rough it too shall pass ur mind seems2b n the right [email protected]:[email protected]:U got this
This forums support helped me far beyond what I ever thought was capable.Thank-you2Gnarly,sara,vicki&SO MANY MORE U have helped2change my life.
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6 days
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260 days for me!  ;)
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22 days here :-)
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12 days for me :) this forum has been a true blessing I had a couple of false starts haha but I'm not looking back! To everyone who is still in the physical wds hang in there! It will be over before you know it and to those who are over a month clean you guys (and gals haha) are my heroes
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Congrats to everyone on clean time.

407 days for me. Woohoo
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3 months 1 day(:
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one day and optimistic!
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798 days....  :) :) :)
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