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To The Younger Addicts

Lately there seems to be so many young people on here addicted to different drugs from their teens to early 20's. That fact that you are here and posting is a good sign because you want some help. Here is the problem and why it's more difficult for you to stay clean sometimes. It's not just peer pressure, it is the lifestyle, the parties and the fact when we are young that feeling like nothing can take us down. Most of you have not experienced the big bottoms yet so your not ready to surrender to your addiction. It is sooooooo hard to stop hanging out with those that are using at that age and the feeling like nobody will like you the same and you may lose friends. As you read some posts here please understand we are not trying to be hard on you as I have in a few pm's or posts, just stating facts of what will happen and how drugs will change us. The road only gets tougher and that is why it is so important to fix this while your young, drugs will steal your future from you and leave you empty and miserable.

There are many veteran's here that you should talk to, they know what they are saying and the advice given is from the heart. The good news is that you are still young and might not have to experience all the horrible things that are about to come, including possible death. Please get some help, talk to your parents and DO WHAT YOUR TOLD, LOL. You don't want a life filled with drugs, it only seems fun at first. I wish all you little punks well and keep posting, haha
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Great post gizzy.  It just breaks my little heart to see these young teens on here.  Peer pressure at that age is so bad and really influences them.  I posted on one yesterday that you had too.  It just scares me to see them getting so involved with the drugs as it is such a dead end road.  Hopefully they will keep posting and we can keep giving them tough love.       sara
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wow....nicely put hun!! great post! thanks for that OLD MAN!! :) j/k
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Giz, I swear you read my mind, this morning I thought to myself there is an overabundance of young people, much younger some even teenagers, that have been joining recently. Its so odd how I was around all these drugs when I was a teen, but had the sense to stay away from them and it wasn't until I was 24 that I took my first pill and became addicted instantly.

I do hope that most of these teens are able to overcome this before it ruins their lives as it almost did mine.
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mojo, i think that is true how drugs were not available like these before, it has just gotten worse and somehow more awareness needs to be raised. It's scary ****.

Liscam you didn't know i could read minds? lol. Like you, I didn't start getting in serious trouble till after college when i was 24 or 25 and had no idea how bad addiction can be.

Sarah it is heartbreaking cause most don't know how bad it gets, keep helping them as you do and Jenz I am so happy your clean and doing well now. keep it up:)
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Great post as usual, Giz.
It freaks me out to see all them youngsters too. I wouldn't know what to do if I had kids myself. Even worse, the kids here don't believe me when I say I never tried X, H or coke!!!
Still, 9 years on benzos, 9 lost years.
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It is very scary, my daughter knows what I did with the Lortab so with her kidney stones she did not want to take them. So we explained to her if it is true pain like that is she needs to take it and only then. I have her do a pain scale based on what she placed hers on in the hospital at the worst and tell her at a 6-7 take the pain med. My husband handles the pills. About a month ago I was at one of the schools I work at I had a student come in with a hurt ankle and the secretary told her dont let them ( DR)  just give you Ib or tylenol make them give you the good stuff " Lortab", I was shocked! When I was in school I do  not remember having a nurse there, I see so many kids that think they need a Tylenol for everything. I remember smoking cigs or pot was the big thing not rx drugs.
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my opinion is most of these younger KIDS of the last generation probably began by getting into mommy and daddy's prescription stash, and it sure doesn't help that we're inundated with advertizing and commercials as well as irresponsible Dr.s looking to make a buck.
these big pharma's are nothing more than legal drug dealers robbing our childrens future,as well as the rest of us.
somebody PLEASE explain to me what purpose oxycotin serves??? a good friend of mine hurt his back in a car accident, he offered me a 40mg oxycontin for an old injury,said take one you'll be fine, had taken oxycodone before but still a little leary of the unknown so i cut it in half, i was stuck to my recliner for about six hours one saturday, never touched them again, but he became a Dr. shopper and to this day continues, that was 2003 and i hear that they also make an 80mg.what gives
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Amen! To your post gizzy! I wish i could go back in time and had never picked up the things i did. Everything u post i read, u are so intellagent about these things :-)

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Bro, that post was rite on. I think we all wish we could have not started the stuff we did.
One thing- I can`t believe I`m OLD now!!!    You da man   Stay Strong  gbu   Brrrad
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Once again - fabulous post!  It's worriesome that there are so many young people!  And, you gave great advice - I really have nothing more to add, except that it is so WORTH not being addicted to anything!  Once you are there, it's a forever ordeal to stay away from those things that cause addiction.  So, get the help while you are young and don't wait for years and years before you do it.  You'll have a better life without the drugs, pot, or whatever!   ~~~Hugs,Janet
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yea for me being young not as young as sum im 25 been using since13 but im seeing 14 18 yr old kids on here im just glad that they are at least posting here and that there is a place like this i only wish i had the smarts to come to a plce like this when i was younger or if they evn had a place like this when i was 13 probly not but all we can do is try and help these kids out like so many of u esp giz has finally helped me, cause like u said if there posting or reading here they have realized that somethn isnt rite weather there addicted yet or just realizing that they are having problems i hope they listen and learn from many here.
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I'm not sure it could have been spelled out any better gizz. Lot's of youngsters in here. It proves that disease knows no bounds - period. I'm grateful for your posts gizz. I too, also read them all.
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Gizzy great post :)
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Ahhhhhhhhh your still a young punk, lmao. Just kidding. It's great to see you on here posting and doing this now, proud of you. We are gonna put you in charge of helping the kids here ok, haha, tough love buddy:)
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I am a parent with a son that just turned 21.  His birthday was not going out with friends and enjoying turning this age but he spent his evening going to a AA meeting.  I am so thankful that he is alive to see his 21st birthday! Many days and evenings while going with him to out patient meetings I could not believe my eyes to all the kids in the programs.  It broke my heart to see what my son went thru.  We where fortunate to be in tune to him and his moods so when he finally told us he was addicted to herion it had only been less than a year. We never gave up and pushed him into rehab each time he relapse until it sunk into his head what he was doing to himself.  11 months clean !!!! I thank god everyday and everynight that he is in recovery and alive.   The other problem I see and my son experiences is at meetings there is a large number of young people that go to the meetings only due to court order and it interfers with people that are going for a true purpose.  Many times I look around at the faces of the young kids or anyone at the meetings that are court ordered and they dont care or dont truly understand that if they do not take a true look and listen then they will be at the tables some day because they have to be there or worse yet dead because they think nothing bad will happen to them.  I once asked my son and his girlfriend about the schools drug awareness programs and they advised me that it is nothing - not even close to what they have learned going thru in patient and out patient programs.  With the way the drugs are around so much or in the case of herion being so cheap on the streets - dont you think the schools would want to teach more of what can truly happen? what about more extensive teaching. What about having recovery addicts and acoholics teach programs in the schools with the information they learn at rehab? or the rehab facilitys work with recovering people to go to the schools to teach what the true life of using drugs and alcohol can truly do?  even if 1 out of 3 students are saved then that is 1 less that might die or ruin there life.  Thank you all for reading this and again I am seeing things from the parents point of view but If i only knew then what i know now.........
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He is 11 months clean? That is fantastic and I am so happy for your family. I wanted to comment on what you said about N/A. I do believe it's a great program, but one of the reasons i stopped going besides a relapse was so many court ordered people and young people that didn't want to be there just like you saw.

I agree 100% there should be more awareness in schools, because it's gotten to a point drugs are everywhere in schools, from coke to heroin, to pills, it's not like years ago. It's time for action to be taken because the cost to society now because of drugs is unbelievable and it's destroying lives and families. I wish your son well in his recovery and it would be great to see him come on here.
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First- congrats to your son for 11 months clean. Its so difficult to come to the realization at such an early age and I am so happy for you he did.  I commend you for being supportive, and forcing him into dealing with it.  I was a young drug addict and went to 3 different rehabs for cocaine when I was 15 and 16.  My parents were supportive but never really looked at it in the long run.. they were happy it was over when it was over and it was never really talked about afterwards with them.. but I only stayed clean for a short time after.  Spent the next 10 or so years addicted to opiates of all varieties.. am now clean and happy and loving life because I am choosing to acknowledge it for what it is.  I think also it depends on where you live I guess. I have a 12 yr old son.  His school PUSHES DARE and drug awareness.  Students are required to attend 5 months of classes for the DARE program every year, during which time cops and ex-addicts come and speak at the school each month.  They also have to put on a demonstration and sign certificates of promise to stay drug free... How well this will work - I dont know.. but I do know we never had this when I was in school and my parents never ever talked about drugs to me when I was his age.. me and my son talk about drugs often and about how life ruining and destructive they can be.. we also watch Intervention on tv sometimes so he can really see how drugs effect people in reality - with no sugar coating.  Best of luck to you.
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Yes he is 11 months clean !!!  He is doing great. I have my son back but in a new way. a more responsible and mature way.  I recently came across this site and told my son about it so you will be seeing him for sure on here.  He is excited to be on here.
One other item i have read alot about in the forums is the controversy of suboxone.  I have mixed emotions about it - I feel that it is a crutch but on the other hand - if he did not have this would he have been able to get over his craving for the drugs??? I feel that this bought some time for him - for him to get thru the cravings and to be able to work the 12 step program, to attend meetings to get the most out of it, to understand himself and get thru all this..... is it a crutch? YES but it is a good crutch if used in the proper way and monitored by doctors.  It buys time for the brain to think "hey, i dont need the drug".    Thank you for your support !
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I have heard my son say many times about parents members and familys being supportive to people he knows in the program but that they also have commented about how the parents never took the time to get involved in the programs for familys. to get to really understand the drug/alcohol craving and what it does to an addict.  I wanted to learn all i could about it.....i needed to in order to help myself and him!  I will always stay connected in the programs - that is the only way i can give support to him is to understand him and what he is going thru.
I understand the schools push DARE - my son also signed a certificate - but it really needs to be in the high schools that they have a major program - a "no sugar coating" program.  
I also have learned and understand that if someone wants to drink or do drugs that nothing gets in the way of stopping them....but maybe, just maybe if a hard core program was taught in the schools and the parents also went to learn out of fear due to how rapid the drugs are hitting people at a younger age in the communitys / suburbs / etc.... I really think alot of people think " not in my family " / "not in my town"...... hhhmmmm.... WAKE UP people...its everywhere.... that is what i thought.  More educated means more awareness.  Your son is fortunate that he has you teaching him the way it really needs to be taught.  I know there is no easy answer or cure to all that is happening....people need to take off the blinders.  I am sorry...i am a little intense about all this and want to do something....anything....but dont know where to start.  If i and my son was taught what we know now - would this have happened?  we will never know but again i think 1 out of 3 people are saved or change there mind about even trying a drug that could ruin or kill them....then that is better than how things are going now in my community.  Thank you so much for all the support i have received since joining and i look forward to talking to each and everyone of you and bouncing suggestions and thoughts around.  :)    
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Congrats to your son on 11 months clean and to you for getting your son back and sticking by him thru this. We will be looking forward to having him on the forum......sara
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Yes we do look forward to hearing from him, great support group here. I have never been on sub nor do I know much other than what i read on here and your son is CLEAN and using suboxone like intended with a support group (N/A) and aftercare. I only disagree with those that think sub is all that is needed to be fixed without any aftercare. He is doing great.You must be very proud of him.
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Yes, I also agree suboxone can be a great tool in the recovery process and although I dont think its a miracle 'cure' as some advertisements or meant for everyone - it surely can be a lifesaver for many!  Aftercare is totally the most important thing - and you and your son seem to be doing just that and committed to the importance of it.  I also agree more needs to be done at home and in the community  -- especially for teenagers... I started young, but normally drug use begins in the mid teens.  Its such a complicated situation... there is no way of knowing how it will effect you and your family.. most teens will experiment --drinking beers and smoking pot-- why did it quickly escalate to cocaine, heroine and eventually pills for me while friends of mine partook in an occassional joint and a few beers and moved on??-- I have no idea.. what I do know is NOT talking about it can be devastating, pretending it doesnt exist or being lulled into thinking 'not my kid' is extremely dangerous thinking...

Kudos to you and your family and your son for fighting such a hard battle.  Look forward to seeing his posts!
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