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Today is Day 41! And...

I am past the one month mark of no pills. I am in an extremely happy mood today, even though my truck broke down last night and that was very stressful...we bought a second vehicle on Saturday, so I am very thankful that I have that to drive to work, I work 30 mins away from home, and don't know what I would have done, and I'm also very thankful that my truck broke down parked at home. Vehicles are just mysterious things...question...is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that after quitting pills, food tastes AMAZING??? I enjoyed my meals before, but it seems like I enjoy them much more now that I am pill free. Is that weird??
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Way togo I'm 21 days clean yes food taste good too good I don't want to get to big lol so proud of you
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Congrats to you both on your clean days!  Yes food tastes better and colors are more vivid!!  Stay with this now as the best is yet to come~
Everything seems more vivid, and it's funny because I was reading an article online about how we think we perform better in life when we are taking the pills, but since being clean, I feel I perform way better at work and can think a little clearer and stuff (not in the beginning, I didn't feel like I could think at all). Around day 6 I started "waking up" and it's wonderful how amazing I feel...I continue to come here and read and post because it truly helps me alot. I so appreciate all of you that continue to show support and "talk" with me. I don't think I could have quit like I did without this forum. So weird that reading and having people you don't even know be so supportive can help you soooo much!! Big ups to all of you!
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Congrats on making it this far! And yes, food is delicious! The big thing for me was smells, though! I never realized what i was missing! Both the good and bad smells lol.
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This is weird you just said your smells came back...same thing woth me. I notice everthing that smells good or even horrible and always state it to whoevers around me and everyones like "i dont smell anything". It made me feel like i was going crazy from the w/d's:)
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Not only does food taste better and things smell better but other things to be better also ... nothing like summer to shed some clothes... best wishes
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Congratulations on your days!!!! Wow, that went bye fast!!!

Yes, as it is said, all things get better. Our Brains are not altered anymore and we are with a real brain, not a pill brain. LIFE goes on, and it is what we make it, but it sure is better on the clean & sober side for sure.

Been off the site for a few but I am so Happy for You!! Yahooo!!
Keep it up..
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